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Everything you need for our amazing, safe, natural and thorough 4-week internal Cleanse. Join people from around the world who have been enjoying the life-changing benefits of cleansing with Arise & Shine for over 30 years.
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More about Cleanse 28

What is Cleanse 28

Cleanse 28 is designed for cleansing and detoxing at a pace that works for you. You can tailor our cleansing programs to meet the demands of your daily work routine, home-life and recreation. From the Mild Phase to the Master Phase, choose the schedule that works best for you. Of course the deeper you go, the greater results you will see.

Before you decide if our Cleanse 28 is right for you please read About Cleansing and the complete instructions in our downloadable Cleanse Guide. If you don’t feel you are ready to commit to a 28-day Cleanse and detox, please consider the Arise and Shine 14 Day Cleanse, our 14-day cleanse also described in the Cleanse Guide.

What's in Cleanse 28

  • 2 Chomper, 300 caps
  • 2 Herbal Nutrition, 300 caps
  • 2 Bentonite Clay Powder, 8 ounce
  • 2 Psyllium Husk Powder, 13 ounce
  • 2 Flora Grow, 60 caps
  • 1 Envelope pH papers, 25 strips
  • 1 Custom Tote Bag
  • 1 Cleanse Guide

Why choose Arise & Shine’s Cleanse 28 or Cleanse 14?

When used as directed, Cleanse 28 and Cleanse 14 can lead to improved well-being, renewed energy, increased stamina and vitality, better digestion and enhanced clarity of mind.* A pioneer in the herbal cleansing industry, Arise & Shine has been serving the cleansing community for over 30 years. Competitors come and go while Arise & Shine’s long-established Cleanse products have served tens of thousands of satisfied customers in countries around the globe.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

For The Cleanse

Delicious meals you can have while cleansing


30 Years Of Cleansing With Arise & Shine

Three decades of experience leads us to recommend

Eliminating congestion and toxins from your body by cleansing it with herbs, Bentonite clay and a diet consisting of mainly raw fruits and vegetables, with a few cooked or minimally processed foods to help maintain life essential electrolyte balance,

Supplying the body with additional nutrients needed for building and maintaining healthy tissues while cleansing,

Maintaining the friendly intestinal bacteria necessary for a strong immune system and proper digestion during and after cleansing,

Maintaining the benefits of your cleanse at a high level by avoiding the intake of acid-forming foods, such as: processed foods, meats, fish, dairy products, soft drinks, sugar, salt, bread and fried foods after cleansing.*

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Reviews (10)

Pransukh 29th Mar 2019

28 day cleanse

Just finished full 28 days including master phase. Feel much better, lighter, cleaner, less lethargic. People commented that I was glowing. Lost about 18 pounds, mostly garbage and mucous from the gut. Definitely a challenge to complete, required strong resolve. Glad I did it. This was my third time actually in about 12 years. Great way to reset your eating and lifestyle habits. I do recommend it.

Joel 20th Apr 2018

Feeling better and more energetic

I'm just wrapping up the 28-day cleanse, with a couple of days left on the post-cleanse phase. And, on top of feeling better and more energetic, and having a thinner face and whiter teeth, I've lost 22-pounds to date. The cleanse helped me realize how bad my daily habits of coffee, alcohol and heavy foods had become and how I put little thought into eating/drinking those things in excess. Having done this cleanse once before, several years ago, losing about 18 pounds that time, I do have some tips for guaranteeing success on this very challenging diet, depending your primary goal. 1) Spend a few days easing into the food portion of the diet before beginning the shakes and pills. 2) If you're a coffee addict, who drinks 5 cups per day like I did, wean yourself down / off that in the days leading up to the diet...preferably on days when you don't have to work, as your head will hurt and you'll be dizzy. 3) Cheat a little along the way if you need to. Examples: Have 1 alcoholic drink, rather than 4 on a Saturday night. Have nuts for protein more often than recommended through the diet... or corn, or legumes, or whatever. Chances are, if you're like me, it's still better than the steak, potatoes and fried food that you would usually be eating. And, If you must go out to eat with business associates or friends, don't sweat the organic oil and vinegar dressing mandated in the diet, or avoid going out because you're concerned they might not have anything you can eat. Just get the lightest salad dressing available, or order whatever vegetable item they have, without worrying about the fact that it's not prepared in the same manner as it would be if you were at home. Same goes for juices. Go with fresh squeezed as much as possible. But, if you're staring and the store you're at only has juice from concentrate, get it. 4) If you must go out of town for a weekend, feel free to take a break for a few days, continuing to follow the food portion of the diet as best as possible, but forgetting about the shakes and pills. You'll fall off schedule and get discouraged. So, just eat right and resume the full diet when you return to town. All this said, great experience with the cleanse 28. May do it again in a couple of months to keep working toward my ultimate goals. And, re: the bentonite clay change from the old version of the diet to the new one --definitely an improvement as you don't have to keep it refrigerated. Easier to travel with.

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