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All About Cleansing

Working out while Cleansing

You can work out lightly during your Cleanse. By the second week, you should go to non-aerobic forms of exercise like light yoga, Tai Chi, walking or gentle swimming. Jogging, rebounding or any activity that creates a bouncing of the intestine is not recommended. Remember that when you exercise vigorously, you are using electrolyte minerals that you may need for cleansing. In general, cleansing is a good time to rest and tune into your body and spirit in other ways. When you complete your Cleanse you can return to your normal workout with renewed vitality.

For more information, please read our free downloadable Cleanse 28 Guide.

Why choose Arise & Shine?

Why choose Arise & Shine?

At Arise & Shine, we are all about healthy living. We are here to support your shift to a healthier lifestyle with resources to do just that. Our Cleanse products, Cleanse 28® and Cleanse 14®, are much more than a simple colon cleanse. They support the cleansing of the entire digestive tract: the small intestine and stomach as well as the colon. As the Cleanse works its “magic,” toxic accumulations are eliminated from the total alimentary canal allowing toxic overloads to also release from the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. This allows the entire body to detoxify and function more efficiently.

Commitment to a Healthy & Natural Lifestyle

Arise & Shine products contain no animal products, artificial colors, artificial flavors, synthetic ingredients or chemical stimulants. We select only the highest quality, organically grown, ethically wild-crafted and/or responsibly grown without chemical herbs available for our products. Our Resource Center contains numerous tasty recipes made from whole fresh foods that can be consumed while cleansing as well as between cleanses.

As an organization, Arise & Shine seeks to leave as small a footprint as possible on our planet. It has always been our policy to recycle and /or re-use paper and other consumables generated in the course of business. We use corn starch packing peanuts which melt away in water, recyclable packaging and shipping materials. We are constantly striving to find more sustainable packaging. Arise & Shine experimented with pouches believing they have less impact upon the environment. However, our research indicates that it appears that most pouches ended up in landfills. At this time we are packaging in PET and glass bottles which are easily recyclable in most places.

Commitment to Quality Products

Testing, testing, testing…..all the herbs and other raw materials are tested first by our suppliers who provide those results to us so that we may evaluate them for purchase. If they meet our rigorous specifications and we purchase them, they are tested again prior to production. Then all finished goods are tested to make sure they meet our finished good specifications. These tests are performed by qualified laboratories. We test for micros (bacteria, yeast and molds), heavy metals and identity (purity).

Over 35 years of Service

Arise & Shine set the cleansing trend that others are trying to follow today. For over 35 years, satisfied customers around the world have celebrated the consistent effectiveness of our Cleanse programs. Our valued customers have truly been our most effective sales force as they share their successes with friends and families. To our valued customers, we say, “Thank You for your support and patience over the past years!”

Who should not Cleanse?

Children and those who cannot pass the pH test should not Cleanse. Pregnant and lactating women should wait to Cleanse until after the child has been born and weaned. People with diabetes and other serious health conditions should not Cleanse unless closely supervised by an experienced Professional Health Care Practitioner.

What should I expect when cleansing?

Initial Cleansing Signals

You may feel weak or tired as your body signals that it has started releasing toxins in the early stages of cleansing, . You might also experience mild to moderate cleansing reactions. These may include headache, fatigue, nausea, gas, bloating or other discomforts. Drinking additional pure water, taking an electrolyte supplement or consuming vegetable broth, fresh vegetable juice, or peppermint tea often eliminates these symptoms. A bentonite and psyllium shake can also help.

General Feelings during Cleansing

Once in the swing of things, people feel great! A feeling of lightness, expansiveness, joy, enthusiasm and increasing energy is very common. You may also find the overwhelming desire to clean your house, closets and drawers. It is interesting that as you cleanse within, you may also feel the urge to clean your surroundings and personal spaces. Occasionally, an old, dark emotion can come to the surface as toxins are released; they generally pass fairly quickly, leaving you feeling uplifted.

Release of Mucoid Plaque

Cleanse 28® and Cleanse 14™ have been specially formulated to assist your body in the natural removal of harmful toxic buildup and mucoid plaque. It has been rare for us to have someone report they did not eliminate any plaque while cleansing with Arise & Shine products. These are usually people who are generally healthier than average yet they, too, testify to the benefits of cleansing. The average person releases pounds of toxic mucoid plaque while cleansing; it’s not unusual to release 25 to 50 feet during the 7-day Master Phase. Along with this removal of toxic mucoid plaque, “toxic” feelings and emotions often disappear.

Expect to feel Refreshed and Renewed

Following a well thought-out and thorough cleansing program should never leave you feeling hungry or bad. If you start to feel bad, slow down and back off a bit. The most important thing to do before starting your Cleanse is to make sure you have adequate electrolyte reserves. See the Cleanse Guide section on pH and electrolyte reserves if you have questions. Overall, we expect that you will find yourself feeling refreshed and renewed during and after cleansing as directed.

Always read the directions thoroughly and if you have questions call our Cleanse Support Line at 360-841-7106, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays, except holidays, Pacific Standard Time. We will be very happy to answer your Cleanse-related questions.

What is cleansing?

Cleansing refers to the process of removing toxins, debris and waste from the colon and intestines, digestive tract and other bodily organs, tissues and cells. There are many schools of thought about the proper process of cleansing. However, many agree that there are a multitude of healthful benefits associated with ridding your body of accumulated waste.

35 plus years of Cleansing with Arise & Shine leads us to recommend:

  • The elimination of congestion and toxins from your body by cleansing it with herbs, Bentonite clay and a diet consisting of mainly raw fruits and vegetables, with a few cooked or minimally processed foods to help maintain life essential electrolyte balance,
  • Supplying the body with additional nutrients needed for building and maintaining healthy tissues while cleansing,
  • Maintaining the friendly intestinal bacteria necessary for a strong immune system and proper digestion during and after cleansing,
  • Maintaining the benefits of your cleanse at a high level by avoiding the intake of acid-forming foods, such as:  processed foods, meats, fish, dairy products, soft drinks, sugar, salt, bread seed oils and fried foods after cleansing.*

What can I eat while cleansing with Arise & Shine?

Health-enhancing, natural, pure fresh food (primarily vegetables) and water are the best partners for an optimal Cleanse. While the recommended foods may be very different from your current diet, it is exceedingly important that you consume these foods while cleansing for the most beneficial results.

Your body functions at its ideal when your eating habits predominately consist of what is defined as alkaline-forming foods as opposed to acid-forming foods. Alkaline-forming foods are those that leave an alkaline ash when metabolized, contributing to the body’s mineral reserves. Acid-forming foods dramatically slow down the cleansing process, yielding lessened results. Raw alkaline-forming foods are recommended because of their high enzyme and electrolyte mineral content.

Cleansing is more comfortable for those who feed their bodies with the adequate and proper nutrients. Transitioning from a typical high protein, Western diet of cooked and processed foods to a largely raw vegetarian diet can be a difficult adjustment, so it is important to take small steps instead of jumping right in. You may wish to start by eating more steamed or baked vegetables.

The Best Foods to Eat
(always organically grown)
Alkaline Forming:
All fresh fruits
All fresh salad greens and sprouts
All vegetables (raw or cooked)
Apple cider vinegar (raw)
Balsamic Vinegar (non-pasteurized)
Fresh berries
Fresh or dried seasoning herbs
Fresh raw fruit juice
Fresh raw vegetable juice
Goat whey* (raw)
Green foods (spirulina, chlorella)
Herbal Teas (caffeine free)
Honey (raw)      Hummus
Lemons                  Lentils
Melons – organically grown
Raw Oils: avocado, coconut, flaxseed,
grapeseed, olive, safflower, saffron, and sunflower
Sauerkraut (unsalted)
Sea vegetables (well rinsed)
Vegetable broth
Vegetable soups
Wheat grass juice
MELONS AND CITRUS have a high, naturally occurring water and sugar content. They are quickly digested and may begin to ferment as they move through the digestive system. It is recommended to either eat them alone, or with other fruit from the same family.

Avocados, coconuts, olive and flaxseed oils all contain adequate amounts of essential fatty acids. Avoid foods cooked in oil, or fried foods while cleansing.

The Moderate: Eat foods from this group no more than 3 times per week as they can significantly slow the cleansing process. If you experience cleansing reactions, you may wish to consume more of these foods, or if you wish to speed up the cleansing process (not recommended for inexperienced cleansers), we recommend eating less of these foods.

Almonds, hemp hearts, flax, pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds, soaked*
Coconut butter (raw whole coconut puree)
Corn on the cob, fresh*
Lima beans*
Maple syrup

PROTEINS AND FATS: Protein can be found in all foods except oil, including fruits and vegetables, particularly squash, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, deep greens, soaked nuts and sprouts. By eating a variety of foods, it is easy to consume the needed 20-30 grams of protein per day.

Transitioning from cooked foods to more raw can be a difficult adjustment, so it is important to take small steps instead of just jumping right into it. You may wish to start by eating more steamed or baked vegetables. A Digestive Enzyme Supplement may also be helpful in assisting with the breakdown of cellulose from raw foods while transitioning your diet. Raw soups are also a great way to incorporate delicious and easily digested raw meals.

Should I Cleanse and why?

Cleansing is like hitting the refresh button. It gives the body an opportunity to flush out excess waste products that have built up over time.

Living in cities, working in confined spaces, driving, processed foods, soft drinks, alcohol and caffeinated beverages coupled with not drinking enough pure fresh water can overwork and slow down the body’s eliminative system.

These factors may cause our bodies to become acidic, polluted and congested. We also run the risk of weakening our digestive system.  Because the intestinal tract is the hub of the entire body; every cell, tissue and organ is dependent upon it.  When digestion is off, even good food can produce unhealthy reactions. When elimination is off we simply do not feel our best.

The intestine tract protects itself from acids and toxins when the goblet cells of the intestines produce mucins which then coagulate into a substance known as “mucoid plaque”. This mucoid plaque can in turn compromise digestion. It may also interfere with normal bowel function, nutrient assimilation and regular elimination.

If you are striving for better health and a more natural way of life we believe the first step and most important step is to remove this “mucoid plaque” through cleansing.

Quick tips for a successful Cleanse

Quick tips for a successful Cleanse

  • Carefully read the Cleanse Guide cover to cover before starting
  • Drink at least 2 quarts of purified water a day for optimal results.
  • For electrolyte support, drink 30-40 ounces of fresh, organic vegetable juice or Alkalizing Vegetable Mineral Broth daily.
  • Consume nothing but fresh fruit or fresh juice for breakfast.
  • Make your own salad dressings and vegetable dips, as most purchased products are highly processed and contain large amounts of salt and/or sugar.

Origins of Cleansing

Cleansing and its counterpart, fasting for body purification trace back thousands of years around the globe. It has traditionally been used as a way to stay healthy and to reconnect with Source.

There are references from ancient India in the Vedas, Egypt in the “Ebers Papyrus,” and Greece from Hippocrates. One of the most accessible early accounts of fasting is in the “Essene Gospel of Peace,” also known as “The Gospel According to John,” which was translated from Aramaic by E. B. Szekey in the 1930s. In this account, Jesus encourages fasting and even instructs a group of lepers in the taking of enemas.

Until the advent of modern allopathic medicine less than 100 years ago, people went to sanitariums to eat fresh foods, rest and bathe in the sunshine to restore good health. Modern society’s “silver bullet” pills, combined with the fast pace of living, have made those retreats rare. Yet the enormous benefits of fresh air, sunshine, clean foods, pure water and natural ways remain.

Now that I’ve Cleansed, what’s next?

Congratulate yourself for a super accomplishment along the road to better health! We recommend cleansing several times a year. We have found that a full, 28-day Cleanse once or twice a year coupled with one or two 14-day Cleanses keeps one feeling light, bright and vibrantly healthy year-round.

We also recommend working towards maintaining a more alkaline-forming and raw food diet. We do not, however, recommend a total raw food diet unless you live in the tropics and have access to high quality coconut, avocados and an abundance of organically grown fruit and vegetables. Many of us at Arise & Shine believe that vegetarian is the optimal diet. We strongly recommend eating soaked seeds, lots of dark leafy greens, a variety of other vegetables, fruit and quality fats such as that from coconut and avocado for optimal health. Organic eggs and other organic dairy products are another option available to provide the fats your body needs to function properly. If you must consume meat we recommend only organic grass feed meats in moderation with lots of vegetables.

Arise & Shine is just initiating a healthy lifestyle resource center starting with a variety of recipes suitable for cleansers. Please check our Resource Center often and offer suggestions regarding what you would like to see and learn about by emailing your comments to info@ariseandshine.com.

Foods to avoid while Cleansing

Acid Forming are destructive to vibrant health and should only be consumed in moderation when not cleansing if you are aspiring to be radiantly healthy. These foods include:

Alcohol **
Black or white pepper
Baked goods such as pastries
Canned or microwaved fruits & vegetables
Carbonated beverages
Coffee or caffeine
Foods cooked with oil
Grains, except quinoa and millet
Meat, fish, poultry, shellfish
Processed foods
Salt (including Celtic, Sea & Himalayan)
Soda crackers
Soft drinks
Soy (tofu, tempeh, etc.)
Sugar, white and processed
Sweeteners, artificial
Tea, unless caffeine free
Vinegar, distilled or pasteurized
Wheat, all forms

** Alcoholic beverages are highly acid forming, destroy friendly bacteria in the digestive system and hinder the cleansing process.

Herbal extracts may be used while cleansing however. The best way to dissolve any alcohol is to let it evaporate in warm or hot water.

+ Processed and microwaved foods lack enzymes and minerals, making it difficult for your body to get the nutrients it needs.

Brief Descriptions of our 14 and 28 Day Cleanses

Cleanse 14 and Cleanse 28 consist of two powerful herbal formulas (Chomper and Herbal Nutrition), cleansing shakes (Bentonite and Psyllium) and a unique blend of beneficial bacteria (Flora Grow).

For complete descriptions, see our Cleanse Kits page; or download the Arise & Shine Cleanse Guide for complete instructions.

Benefits of Cleansing

35 plus years of experience have revealed these most common Benefits of Cleansing:

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • More efficient digestion
  • Greater stamina
  • Increased clarity of mind
  • Overall feeling of improved health
  • More radiant complexion and fewer blemishes

Am I ready to Cleanse? The importance of pH and acid/alkaline balance.

We strongly encourage you to download our free Cleanse Guide, study it and come to understand what our Cleanse is all about and if it is for you. Only you can answer the question of whether you’re ready to cleanse. You can find that answer for yourself by learning about pH, electrolytes and how to test yourself to see if you have adequate electrolyte reserves. Like preparing for a workout or other strenuous exercise, you must prepare for successful cleansing. People who work out regularly generally understand the need to maintain electrolyte balance in the body. It is also a vital part of preparing your body for the Cleanse.

The cleansing process requires adequate electrolyte reserves to efficiently and effectively move toxins out of your body. You may need to replenish your electrolyte reserves before starting a Cleanse. A simple pH test will show if your electrolytes levels indicate that your body is ready. Your test results may show that you are overly-acid. You might also produce a result that shows that you are overly-alkaline. This might indicate Candida or an even more serious health condition. Over-alkalinity arises from long-standing over-acidity. If you test highly acid or highly alkaline and cannot bring your pH into balance through diet, it would be wise to consider your overall health condition and consult with your health practitioner.

Who should not Cleanse?

Anyone who cannot pass the pH test and children should not Cleanse. Pregnant and lactating women should wait to cleanse until after the child has been born and weaned. People with diabetes and other serious health conditions should not cleanse unless closely supervised by an experienced Professional Health Care Practitioner.

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