Please allow 72 hours for order processing.


We offer shipping by the U.S. Postal Service (U.S.P.S.) or UPS. When choosing your preferred method please keep in mind the following delivery schedule for delivery within the United States:

  • USPS Priority Mail: 4-6 business days within the U.S.
  • UPS: 2-7 business days within the U.S.

**Shipments to California are guaranteed by UPS Ground service to be delivered in 3 business days.


For UPS shipments, it is at the discretion of the driver whether they will leave an unattended package if you are unavailable to provide a signature (this is particularly an issue for apartment buildings). As indicated on the UPS website, you may leave a note on the expected day of delivery for the UPS driver to leave the package if you are not home. Alternatively, you may consider shipping to your business address if applicable so someone will be available during business hours to sign for it.


Please note that providing your proper shipping address is also very important as incomplete or incorrect addresses result in a charge to our account from UPS.

Please contact our Customer Service team if you have any questions. We can be reached Monday-Friday 9-4pm pacific time at 1.800.688.2444. International .


Arise and Shine is greatly concerned about the environmental impact of our shipping materials and uses only fully recyclable paper products. Our packing peanuts are starch based and dissolve in water. They are also very light weight to save on shipping costs.


We receive occasional questions about whether heat may affect the integrity of our products in the course of their transit and delivery to you. We share your concern! Here in western Washington state the temperatures are moderate and of little concern.

Of course, once a package leaves our warehouse, all that changes. So to reassure you (and us), we will run periodic tests to verify the integrity of our product quality while in transit.

The good news is even when using our slowest transit method when shipping to the hottest corner of the country, daytime high temperatures did not impact the powders, or capsules. But, there is some cautionary news: if your local delivery truck leaves packages outdoors in a sunny spot, you're advised to make other arrangements. Sustained direct sunlight when temperatures exceed 100 degrees can pose an increased risk to the product.

The transit period covered two weekends over a 10-day period, reflecting the longest possible shipping span. Test results done by the old company in 2013 indicated that the peak temperatures, which generally only lasted for short duration, did not exceed what we consider a detrimental threshold.

With these test results, we are confident that hot temperatures throughout the shipping process do not negatively affect the quality of the ingredients in our products. This is something that we will continue to monitor.

Please note that the biggest potential threat to our products’ integrity will be when a package is left on a sun-exposed surface such as a porch or steps or in a metal mailbox for an extended period of time after delivery in the hotter climates. If you know you are going to be out of town or unavailable to retrieve your package shortly after drop-off, you may want to consider making other drop-off arrangements with your local delivery carrier or online through UPS My Choice.

We hope you find this information helpful!