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Bentonite Clay Powder - 8 ounces

Bentonite Clay has been used around the world for millennia for health and purification.
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More about Bentonite Clay Powder - 8 ounces

Our finely powdered Bentonite blends easily with our Psyllium Husk Powder and purified water to define our cleansing shake. The shake is a major component of every Cleanse 28 and Cleanse 14 program.

Bentonite Clay has been used around the world for millennia for health and purification. Prized as a digestive aid, the use of Bentonite clay can be traced to the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and other cultures who embraced its restorative powers. Native Americans incorporated clay into both internal and external cleansing rituals. The German naturopaths of the 19th century called clay one of nature’s greatest gifts. Mahatma Gandhi advocated the use of clay for health and purification.

Highly absorptive Bentonite binds many times its own volume of toxic and unwanted substances. Bentonite Clay is a naturally-occurring, volcanic ash. The clay’s absorptive qualities come in part from its negatively-charged minute rectangular particles, which have a large surface to volume ratio. This allows it to pick up many times its own weight in positively-charged particles.*

See our Cleanse Guide for suggested intake while cleansing.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

For The Cleanse

Delicious meals you can have while cleansing


30 Years Of Cleansing With Arise & Shine

Three decades of experience leads us to recommend

Eliminating congestion and toxins from your body by cleansing it with herbs, Bentonite clay and a diet consisting of mainly raw fruits and vegetables, with a few cooked or minimally processed foods to help maintain life essential electrolyte balance,

Supplying the body with additional nutrients needed for building and maintaining healthy tissues while cleansing,

Maintaining the friendly intestinal bacteria necessary for a strong immune system and proper digestion during and after cleansing,

Maintaining the benefits of your cleanse at a high level by avoiding the intake of acid-forming foods, such as: processed foods, meats, fish, dairy products, soft drinks, sugar, salt, bread and fried foods after cleansing.*

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Reviews (3)

Myra 8th Aug 2021

Bentonite Clay

Been using it for years when I do cleanses. It is very powdery and light, but it sure works. I feel the difference in just a few days already this cleanse!

Luke 8th Mar 2021


Good Stuff and have used it over the years to detoxify

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