Natural Concepts

One of Arise & Shine’s most basic premises is that living a more natural lifestyle sets the stage for vitality and good health. Living close to nature is increasingly difficult in our modern world. Even the term natural has been distorted.

One of the definitions of natural is: “existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.” 

Clearly reading the above definition makes one wonder if it is appropriate to state that any product that has been packaged and distributed can be called natural. While the herbs in our formulas are natural, they are carefully dried and milled, blended and processed into capsules under conditions created by humans.

The Mission of Arise & Shine has always been to assist people live healthier lives by sharing the methods and herbal products developed by its founder Richard Anderson. Richard has always been deeply inspired by nature and a deep desire to live in harmony with the Earth. We continue in the tradition today by sourcing our products from nature and by sharing ways to live as close to the garden and nature as possible.

We will continue to aspire to be as natural as possible by offering organically grown or wild crafted (harvested) herbs whenever they are available and meet our high quality standards. We will also share recipes made from whole foods with minimal processing and other resources offering ways minimize the challenges of life in the 21st century.

Note: Our Flora Grow, like all probiotics, is cultured in a laboratory. We know of no other way to safely and effectively replenish friendly intestinal bacteria.