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Arise & Shine

Founder Richard Anderson

Arise & Shine Founder Richard Anderson, Honorary ND, NMD is a medical researcher, nutritionist, iridologist, and herbalist. He has served on the Board of Directors for International Society of Naturopathy and as a faculty member at the University of Natural Medicine. Through his books and his internationally recognized Cleanse Programs, he has been credited with having started the present trend in the internal cleansing movement.

In 1963 Richard began study with a medical mystic who saw human functions in ways not generally considered. She taught that emotions are transferred from the subconscious into the organs which control our chemistry, health and every function and factor of our lives. She inspired him to strive for purification of mind was well as body by embracing a vegetarian diet and a form of mindfulness designed to aid in the release of destructive subconscious emotions. His twelve years of study with her reshaped and redirected his life.

Richard then went on to study with the Dr. Bernard Jensen DC, Gaston Naessens and others in a life-long pursuit of knowledge. While staying at Dr. Jensen’s Retreat Center he met herbalist White Medicine Crow. From him he learned to live off the land eating nothing but the fresh wild herbs. While on a three month expedition in the wilderness, they both began to eliminate massive amounts of what Richard came to call mucoid plaque. Mucoid plague is the accumulation of intestinal mucins created in the intestinal tract which is believed to be the result of consuming a diet of highly processed and other acid forming foods.

Soon after their wilderness experience they began to notice positive transformations in their physical and emotional well-being. After two more herbal expeditions, Richard was able to determine which herbs were responsible for his astonishing cleansing episodes and began sharing his herbal blends with a few friends. Interest in his herbal blends grew into the products known today as Chomper and Herbal Nutrition and the founding in 1987 of Arise & Shine.

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