Cleansing and Detoxing Your Body

Intrigued by the reports from people claiming they had expelled “long dark rubbery ropes” and dark “pellets” (mucoid plaque*) towards the end of a 40 day fast I was led to explore the subject of cleansing and detoxification. I soon learned of Arise & Shine, the importance of alkalizing the body and cleansing using herbs. 40 days of water only was too extreme for me, however two to four weeks of herbs, juices, and light meals seemed manageable....and it was! I was energized and exhilarated! My mind was clearer! I felt light and airy with a childlike joy for living. It was like hitting the refresh button for my body. It’s an experience that has been well worth repeating many times since 1989.

Detox and cleansing products by Arise and Shine

Getting Rid of Unwanted Mucoid Plaque

Arise & Shine customers experience a multitude of benefits which is why we receive orders and inquiries daily from their friends and families from around the world! Try one of our Cleanse programs today! Soon you too will know why and be telling others about this controversial “mucoid plaque*” and how much you “got out!"

Be sure to read All About Cleansing, the FAQ and the Cleanse Program Guide.

* While we have never seen any double blind, randomized clinical trials with placebo controlled studies evaluating cleansing or the removal of “mucoid plaque,” there are numerous studies on mucosal build up and its many effects on the intestinal tract.

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