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the lightness of being,
increased energy,
greater clarity of mind,
better digestion and radiant health
that comes with cleansing.*

Cleansing and Detoxing Your Body

Intrigued by the reports from people claiming they had expelled “long dark rubbery ropes” and dark “pellets” (mucoid plaque*) towards the end of a 40 day fast I was led to explore the subject of cleansing and detoxification. I soon learned of Arise & Shine, the importance of alkalizing the body and cleansing using herbs. 40 days of water only was too extreme for me, however two to four weeks of herbs, juices, and light meals seemed manageable….and it was! I was energized and exhilarated! My mind was clearer! I felt light and airy with a childlike joy for living. It was like hitting the refresh button for my body. It’s an experience that has been well worth repeating many times since 1989.

Arise & Shine

Getting Rid of Unwanted Mucoid Plaque

Arise & Shine customers experience a multitude of benefits which is why we receive orders and inquiries daily from their friends and families from around the world! Try one of our Cleanse programs today! Soon you too will know why and be telling others about this controversial “mucoid plaque*” and how much you “got out!”

Be sure to read All About Cleansing, the FAQ and the Cleanse Program Guide.

* While we have never seen any double blind, randomized clinical trials with placebo controlled studies evaluating cleansing or the removal of “mucoid plaque,” there are numerous studies on mucosal build up and its many effects on the intestinal tract.

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Benefits of Cleansing

  • Increased Energy & Vitality
  • Clarity of Mind
  • Improved Health
  • Greater Stamina*

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21 reviews for Cleanse 28

  1. Sara B.

    Cleanse 28
    I first did the Arise & Shine 28 day cleanse in 1994 with essentially the same products. It was transformational then, and having just completed yet another 28 day cleanse, it remains highly transformational now. And it has evolved wonderfully (as all quality protocols do) to include a easy to follow cleanse guide, alkalizing broth, and top notice support people who respond in a timely manner with guidance and suggestions. I turned 60 earlier this year and feel like I am 30. Beyond thank you to everyone at Arise & Shine ❤️.

  2. Carmen

    Cleanse 28
    I have done this cleanse a few times and every time I find it more and more useful. The results are brilliant and pays back the effort.

  3. Sharon Joy

    Cleanse 28
    I am 67 years old, and have done a lot of reading about cleansing over the years. I took a couple months to read and absorb the details and emailed Patricia Thigpen a lot with many questions about how to begin. Took my PH test, passed with flying colors and off I went. After 7 days, I produced my first small mucoid plaque and was elated. However, for the next 6 days I released about 14-15 feet, or 9 pounds of plaque. Immediately after the 14 day cleanse I am sleeping better. My weight improved and my 100 mile a week bicycle riding by 1 mph. I feel amazing and can’t wait to start my 28 day cleanse next March!!!!

  4. David

    Cleanse 28
    My friends had to goad me into trying the cleanse. Hard to do, but the results and experience were phenomenal. My energy ramped up to stunning levels. And, don’t know how to say this, I felt “Pure”. I felt like I had added many years to me life (at least 10). Now I do the cleanse once a year, and “spot” cleanses when I feel I need to. This is the best answer to our corrupt pesticide/GMO food system that I’ve found. Thank you Richard for your contribution to human health. God bless and Godspeed.

  5. Colin Ellsworth

    Cleanse 28
    I’ve been doing this cleanse on and off since 1998. But I had done it for several years (I’ve done other cleanses). I tried to deal with the horrible taste of the “new” bentonite clay for about three days. OMG it is bad!! I had to switch to store bought bentonite, and it made all the difference. I’m about half way through the cleanse and it is going well. I threw out the two jars of bentonite clay.

  6. Kristie Fischer

    Cleanse 28
    Awesome cleanse as usual. By the grace of God I was able to complete one full week of each phase – the Master phase being ‘where the magic happens’. I released about 12-18 inches a day of mucoid plaque and by the time the Master phase came I did not have any cravings for ‘comfort food’ and very comfortably finished with only fresh juices. Years ago I had tried various other cleanses with OK results, but when I tried Arise & Shine things really released. I appreciate your cleanse guide that talks about emotional releases. I was able to identify negative emotional releases and thus push through them and feel much more positive.
    Thank you for providing these products and your expert guidance!

  7. Rick

    Cleanse 28
    I’m in the hospitality industry and my diet was crazy. My health was deteriorating by the minute. I wanted to go on a diet but at the same time cleanse my body. I’m lost for words on the transformation arise & shine has done for me and what it would do for you. You feel a strong sense of clarity, well-being and enlightenment that you won’t fine in any other fad diet you try. I don’t like to preach but I recommend this to anyone that wants a total health transformation.
    Thanks to the team at Arise & shine.

  8. Deeksha Singh

    Cleanse 28
    This is my third time doing this cleanse and I am three weeks into it doing only the mild and gentle phases this time. I have done other detoxes but none are as good or effective as this one. I was sleeping half the day before the cleanse and now stay awake all day. I even wake up without an alarm clock. I got rid of a lot ….. My monthly cycle was painless after a long time as a result of this cleanse. The support staff Patricia is wonderful in replying and guiding to help questions. Since salt is not allowed I used Urfa Biber pepper and Sumac as salt alternatives and they made everything much easier. I hope others can do the same if they miss their salt during this cleanse.

  9. Megan Roth

    Cleanse 28
    I really wanted to try this. When I got into it, I did not feel good at all during the cleanse. I felt floaty and really hungry. Then I felt sick to my stomach when I took the cleansing herbs or the bentonite clay. I am guessing I started it before I was ready. And it was hard for me to do this while I was cooking meals for my family. From my perspective, this was an intense cleanse, even on the mild phase. I have had digestion issues for a long time and was hoping this would help, but it was too much for me. I lasted for about four weeks and then stopped.

  10. Susan J Jow

    Cleanse 28
    Have done this one a number of times, it was incredible the toxic waste it removes from intestines/colon. Since I hadn’t done one in at least 15 years and had lived in Mexico for 6 of those, figured it was time for a tune up. Since I have been a raw vegan for over 20 years, the amount of intestinal plaque has been minimal. However it was obvious that I was carrying a toxic load of something, perhaps from the environment and also organic foods were not always an option. Anyway, I am using this mainly as a springboard to a diet that is just a little lighter in nuts and seeds. Going without, as well as juicing every day will help me to continue on the path to superior health. This cleanse really is the best!

  11. Aspasia Koumli

    Cleanse 28
    I loved the cleanse. It helped my emotional, and physical healing!

  12. Pransukh

    Cleanse 28
    Just finished full 28 days including master phase. Feel much better, lighter, cleaner, less lethargic. People commented that I was glowing. Lost about 18 pounds, mostly garbage and mucous from the gut. Definitely a challenge to complete, required strong resolve. Glad I did it. This was my third time actually in about 12 years. Great way to reset your eating and lifestyle habits. I do recommend it.

  13. Joel

    Cleanse 28
    I’m just wrapping up the 28-day cleanse, with a couple of days left on the post-cleanse phase. And, on top of feeling better and more energetic, and having a thinner face and whiter teeth, I’ve lost 22-pounds to date. The cleanse helped me realize how bad my daily habits of coffee, alcohol and heavy foods had become and how I put little thought into eating/drinking those things in excess. Having done this cleanse once before, several years ago, losing about 18 pounds that time, I do have some tips for guaranteeing success on this very challenging diet, depending your primary goal. 1) Spend a few days easing into the food portion of the diet before beginning the shakes and pills. 2) If you’re a coffee addict, who drinks 5 cups per day like I did, wean yourself down / off that in the days leading up to the diet…preferably on days when you don’t have to work, as your head will hurt and you’ll be dizzy. 3) Cheat a little along the way if you need to. Examples: Have 1 alcoholic drink, rather than 4 on a Saturday night. Have nuts for protein more often than recommended through the diet… or corn, or legumes, or whatever. Chances are, if you’re like me, it’s still better than the steak, potatoes and fried food that you would usually be eating. And, If you must go out to eat with business associates or friends, don’t sweat the organic oil and vinegar dressing mandated in the diet, or avoid going out because you’re concerned they might not have anything you can eat. Just get the lightest salad dressing available, or order whatever vegetable item they have, without worrying about the fact that it’s not prepared in the same manner as it would be if you were at home. Same goes for juices. Go with fresh squeezed as much as possible. But, if you’re staring and the store you’re at only has juice from concentrate, get it. 4) If you must go out of town for a weekend, feel free to take a break for a few days, continuing to follow the food portion of the diet as best as possible, but forgetting about the shakes and pills. You’ll fall off schedule and get discouraged. So, just eat right and resume the full diet when you return to town. All this said, great experience with the cleanse 28. May do it again in a couple of months to keep working toward my ultimate goals. And, re: the bentonite clay change from the old version of the diet to the new one –definitely an improvement as you don’t have to keep it refrigerated. Easier to travel with.

  14. Anonymous

    Cleanse 28
    After a tumultuous personal experience, I turned to food, beverages and a lifestyle that were not healthy. My weight increased, my energy was low, my insides felt toxic and possessed a low self of esteem and overall unhappiness.

    I wont lie. The master cleanse was the most difficult thing I have ever experienced. It was a challenge like no other. There was a variety of emotions and much self reflection. Each day was a challenge, but as each day progressed, immediately I began feeling results both emotionally and physically. Bloating I had experienced diminished. With the absense of caffeine, my stress and anxiety vanished. Everyday I woke up feeling better and better and friends noticed. Skin problems like eczema diminished and I was told I was glowing. The weight loss was a little scary, but when it was done, I reached a healthy and normal weight. Self esteem returned. I felt better than I have had in a long time. It was an amazing challenge and succeeded. I can’t wait to Do it again.

  15. Dominique

    Cleanse 28
    All the products are great and similar to the original Arise ans Shine products.

    The only one different is the bentonite which has beeb diluted with water. That is a shame and not necessary except for the company to save money on the product.

  16. Dennis

    Cleanse 28
    Quite a few years ago, I did the 28 day cleanse. I have to say that the experience was so educational. I could not believe what was coming out of me. By the end of the cleanse that I stayed very close to the instructions, not only was I glowing and feeling better than I ever had in my life, I had also shed my excess weight. Thank you Dr. Anderson for your devotion to radiant health. I am looking forward to cleanse again in the near future

  17. Susan

    Cleanse 28
    I did this cleanse several times years ago, with great results. When I wanted to get a kit recently I was extremely disappointed to hear they were not available for a while. I have tried other cleanses but NONE come close to what this one does.
    When that stuff comes flying out (looking just like the pictures) be ready to experience change!
    It takes some discipline and planning but once the routine is set it’s not bad. I took my bag of things with me to work and a few other people ordered kits after asking about my stuff.

    Follow the instructions in the book; stand back! Good product–it delivers.

  18. Katrina

    Cleanse 28
    This cleanse went above and beyond my expectations. Despite all I have read about the results of this product, I wasn’t sure if I would have the same experience. However, I was surprised at the layers of mucoid plaque that were removed from by body!
    I really like how simple it is to follow and that the different phases give you options. I also like that you are encouraged to go back and forth between the phases, depending on how you feel. I used this approach and never had any negative cleansing reactions, I think in large part because of this, and yet still had incredible results.
    In addition to the release of mucoid plaque, I have more energy, my skin cleared up, I lost body fat, my clothes fit better, and my digestion post-cleanse has improved.
    I have already recommended this product to several people I know and think it would benefit just about anyone. I know I will be doing it again in the future!

  19. Dr. Kristine Trockels ND

    Cleanse 28
    The Arise and shine cleanse is the best cleansing program that here is. I really hope it will be back on the market soon. We have done this cleanse many times and always get excellent results.I feel better afterwards and always lose a good amount of weight. I try to do the 28 day cleanse but sometimes it is difficult to set aside 28 days to do this. I do follow the regimen strictly and it helps clear out the garbage!! Love it!! I have also read several of Dr Anderson’s books. He is amazing!! Best of Luck to him! Another note, the people putty is fantastic. My husband tore his rotator cuff and this really is helping him.

  20. Chris

    Cleanse 28
    Nothing I have ever done allows me to feel as healthy and energetic as arise and shine. I have used your product many times and have recommended it to many others. Never hungry always energetic, noticeable changes in my skin and the best is the weight loss.

    Thanks for a healthy option to get rid of toxins and unwanted weight.

  21. Debbie

    Cleanse 28
    Unlike any other cleanse..spiritual experience!!

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