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Post Cleanse Update

I finished a full week of the Master Phase a week ago Friday (November 1st). I chose to have broth and fresh juices during the final phase because I needed to keep nourishing myself so that I could maintain my busy work schedule.

Because I fasted from food for a full 7 days after minimal alkaline meals for 2 weeks prior, I allowed 3 days to transition back to my regular diet. That is 1 day transition for every 3 days of fasting. The first day of my transition (Saturday) I had broth with a few vegetables left for breakfast, papaya with lime juice for lunch and a fresh green salad for dinner. Sunday and Monday were about the same although I had a full bowl of vegetable soup for breakfast and snacked on a small handful of Brazil nuts mid-day. Monday evening I had a potluck dinner to attend. Post Cleanse or not there is very little at these community potlucks that I care to eat. I found a Quinoa Lentil Salad recipe that went over big! I was very satisfied eating it alongside a yummy coleslaw someone else had made with a light vinaigrette dressing.

This delicious recipe can be eaten in moderation with a Cleanse too! If you have been cleansing with Arise & Shine for as long as I have you will notice that we have moved a few foods from the avoid list to the “in moderation” list. This is because as more research is being done we are learning that some foods which we assumed (because they are seeds) to be acid forming are actually alkaline forming.

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