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Arise & Shine

Origins & History

Arise & Shine’s history began in 1985 when Richard Anderson and his herbalist friend White Crow went on a three month ‘wild salad expedition’ in the mountains of the Western U.S.A. and lived on a diet of only wild, fresh herbs. While camping in a meadow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, they ate a combination of herbs that produced some surprising and unusual effects! After a time they began passing what Richard defines as mucoid plaque. That experience over 30 years ago inspired him to create the Arise & Shine product line.

Now Arise & Shine has a new owner, Avalon Acres, Inc. headed by Avona L’Carttier. Since 1989, when she was first introduced to The Cleanse, she has been an enthusiastic user of Arise & Shine products. In fact, Avona has often said, “I love The Cleanse so much I married the guy.”

In 1996 Avona had agreed to take over the management of Arise & Shine Herbal Products for 18 months to assist the company through a difficult time. The company quickly recovered from the challenge but Avona stayed for thirteen years until Richard and Avona agreed to part ways. Richard remained as head of the company.

In 2014 Arise & Shine closed temporarily and Richard turned his attention to his research and writing although he expected to revamp and reopen Arise & Shine in the near future. After several attempts at reorganization, it became clear to Richard that his commitment to Arise & Shine and his commitment to his research weren’t compatible. He decided to sell Arise & Shine.

He looked for a buyer who knew the importance of using only the highest quality herbs, probiotics and other ingredients in his formulations. He also needed someone who had the ability, experience, knowledge and willingness to preserve and maintain the integrity of the formulas as well as the qualifications to successfully run a company. He contacted Avona who agreed to bring back Arise & Shine. Her company, Avalon Acres, Inc. will continue the traditions started by Richard in the late 1980’s.

Although your journey with us may not be as exotic as the one that Richard Anderson and his friend took in 1985, it will be much more comfortable. Our cleansing shakes and probiotics, not available in the wilderness, combined with the herbal formulas Chomper and Herbal Nutrition will greatly assist your body during The Cleanse and after. A complete intestinal Cleanse sets the stage for the entire body to release toxic accumulations. Because your digestive system is the hub of your entire body, every cell, gland, tissue and organ is dependent upon it. Our company is here to help you create and maintain a healthier digestive environment.

Many Arise & Shine cleansers have told us that as they cleansed, they have also released negative feelings and emotions. The most frequently reported experiences have been a profound sense of well-being, increased vitality, feeling “lighter” and greater clarity of mind. We applaud your willingness to take responsibility for your own health and well-being. We will be cheering you on, offering you support and hoping that you will receive the transformations you desire.

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