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Chomper with Cayenne is actually the original Chomper formula, cayenne was removed as some people experienced some discomfort and burning sensation. Over time we observed that around a third of our customers prefer Chomper with Cayenne over what we now call regular Chomper. While some feel that the cayenne in this formula makes it more effective than plain Chomper, with or without cayenne Chomper is safe and effective.

This potent combination was developed almost by accident. While camping in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on an “herbal expedition” in the 1980s, Richard Anderson discovered that the combination of local herbs he was making into “wild salads” had the effect of loosening, thus allowing for the release of hardened ”mucoid plaque” from his intestinal tract! Upon his return to civilization, he was able to develop the foundation formulas Chomper and Herbal Nutrition which are the key components of Arise & Shine’s Cleanse 28 and Cleanse 14 cleansing programs!

Chomper and Herbal Nutrition stand the test of time. Now more than 30 years later, thousands of people around the world continue to enjoy the benefits of Cleansing! Chomper works synergistically with Herbal Nutrition to soften and break up accumulated waste material in the intestinal tract.* When used as directed, Chomper contributes to overall digestive system detoxification and may also support bowel regularity.* For optimal results always use Chomper and Herbal Nutrition together.

Special Comments: Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Some individuals are sensitive to Cascara Sagrada and/or Rhubarb Root. If you experiences severe diarrhea or cramping, discontinue or cut back on usage. Also, no one should experience severe nausea while taking Chomper or any other Arise & Shine product.

See our Cleanse Guide for suggested intake while cleansing. 

 * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

For The Cleanse

Delicious meals you can have while cleansing


30 Years Of Cleansing With Arise & Shine

Three decades of experience leads us to recommend

Eliminating congestion and toxins from your body by cleansing it with herbs, Bentonite clay and a diet consisting of mainly raw fruits and vegetables, with a few cooked or minimally processed foods to help maintain life essential electrolyte balance,

Supplying the body with additional nutrients needed for building and maintaining healthy tissues while cleansing,

Maintaining the friendly intestinal bacteria necessary for a strong immune system and proper digestion during and after cleansing,

Maintaining the benefits of your cleanse at a high level by avoiding the intake of acid-forming foods, such as: processed foods, meats, fish, dairy products, soft drinks, sugar, salt, bread and fried foods after cleansing.*

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Reviews (3)

Cynthia Ann Sudela 18th Apr 2021

The cleanse

My first Arise and Shine cleanse was 17 years ago.. Transformational is a perfect word for this cleanse! I have been doing them every couple of years but now that I am retired I am doing them every couple of months. Health is my number one priority . There is nothing out there that compares and I am truly grateful it has kept me healthy all these years!! Thank You

Rick 28th Feb 2021

Nothing else compares

I came to Arise and Shine cleansing just under 20 years ago after doing extensive water fasting, none of which resulted in any intestinal releases. I was following a personally guided cleansing system peaking with 7 days of juice only and A&S cleansing products (including Chompers and what is now called Chomper Aid, bentonite, and psyllium). Those 7 days were more effective than weeks of previous cleansing. I followed up over the next couple of years with 3 more progressively intense cleanses and experienced incredible releases. After that, I moved to maintenance cleansing, but eventually A&S went dark for a few years and I wasn't able to get their products. Things like bentonite and psyllium can be sourced elsewhere (although quality isn't the same), but nothing with the effectiveness of Chompers exists anywhere out there that I've been able to find, and I tried quite a few. I was so thankful to see A&S back in operation, and recently I bought my first order of Chomper + Cayenne, and am currently fasting with them. I'm happy to report that it works just as well as I remember. For deep intestinal cleansing, there really isn't anything out there that does the job quite as well as Chompers.

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