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Why do I sometimes see a Proposition 65 Warning?

Why do I sometimes see a Proposition 65 Warning? Proposition 65 is short for California Proposition 65, also known as The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Water Enforcement Act of 1986. It requires that any product or facility that contains a chemical known to cause cancer or birth defects must include a warning when the chemical is present above a pre-determined “safe harbor” limit.

Because Arise & Shine products are offered and sold to residents of the state of California we are required to inform Californians if one of approximately 800 substances on a list of chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm is contained within our products. This list includes many substances that are naturally occurring in small or trace amounts in many botanicals, as well as broccoli, spinach and other common foods.

This well intentioned law has a few inherent flaws that affect all of us doing business with Californians. Because our products are of botanical origin, we have placed Prop 65 warnings on most of our products to ensure complete compliance with this state’s law. Arise & Shine products are completely safe for consumption, only contain ingredients generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and meet all federal safety standards.

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