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What is Mucoid Plaque?

What is Mucoid Plaque? Mucoid plaque can be described as a gel-like, viscous and slimy mucus that forms as a layer or layers covering the inner lining of various hollow organs, especially the organs of the alimentary canal. It appears to develop in the presence of acids, where that mucus is secreted and coagulates.

As it continues to develop from unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, mucoid plaque can harbor toxins and interfere with nutrient absorption, in a sense robbing your body of the vital components it needs to function. The Cleanse has been specifically formulated for, and is effective in assisting your body in removing ‘mucoid plaque’.*

Plaque Observations:

  • In most people, mucoid plaque is 1/64th to 1/4th inch thick, but occasionally may be more than 1 inch thick.
  • Not everyone has mucoid plaque, but over 95% of people who have cleansed, have eliminated at least some mucoid plaque.
  • Some who have a high intake of table salt have trouble removing the plaque.
  • Mucoid plaque can be a variety of colors: white, yellow, gray, greenish, tan, light or dark brown, black, and even blackish green.
  • Mucoid plaque can range from stiff and hard to soft and more flexible. For some people herbs even liquefy the plaque and they release globs of mucous!
  • Mucoid plaque is often shiny or smooth; some pieces may look like rope, showing striations, smoothness, overlaps, or creases.
  • Sections of plaque as large as 2-4 feet long or more are not entirely uncommon, however most cleansers can expect plaque to come out in sections on average of 6-18 inches long.


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