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What is meant by organic minerals?

What is meant by organic minerals? Many doctors, including PhD’s conducting research at medical labs use the term “organic” to describe minerals that have passed through the plant kingdom which through photosynthesis, have been chelated to a protein molecule and transmuted from an ionic bond, normal in minerals from rock, to a covalent bond.

Basically, when a plant protein (proteins are composed of amino acids; the building blocks of the human body) attaches to a mineral, it creates an organic compound. Organic compounds are defined as compounds containing carbon. Perhaps it could be better stated that they are organic mineral compounds, however, standard nomenclature is organic mineral. Minerals in this form are able to be metabolized and used in the body. For example: these factors allow the body to separate minerals such as sodium and chloride, as in sodium chloride. Separating sodium from chloride allows the body to discard the chloride. Chloride is highly toxic and is what causes sodium chloride to be so toxic, caustic and threatening to those who have high blood pressure, etc.

Amino acids are biological compounds that contain carbon, hydrogenoxygen, and nitrogen along with other elements.

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