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Why choose Arise & Shine?

Why choose Arise & Shine?

At Arise & Shine, we are all about healthy living. We are here to support your shift to a healthier lifestyle with resources to do just that. Our Cleanse products, Cleanse 28® and Cleanse 14®, are much more than a simple colon cleanse. They support the cleansing of the entire digestive tract: the small intestine and stomach as well as the colon. As the Cleanse works its “magic,” toxic accumulations are eliminated from the total alimentary canal allowing toxic overloads to also release from the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. This allows the entire body to detoxify and function more efficiently.

Commitment to a Healthy & Natural Lifestyle

Arise & Shine products contain no animal products, artificial colors, artificial flavors, synthetic ingredients or chemical stimulants. We select only the highest quality, organically grown, ethically wild-crafted and/or responsibly grown without chemical herbs available for our products. Our Resource Center contains numerous tasty recipes made from whole fresh foods that can be consumed while cleansing as well as between cleanses.

As an organization, Arise & Shine seeks to leave as small a footprint as possible on our planet. It has always been our policy to recycle and /or re-use paper and other consumables generated in the course of business. We use corn starch packing peanuts which melt away in water, recyclable packaging and shipping materials. We are constantly striving to find more sustainable packaging. Arise & Shine experimented with pouches believing they have less impact upon the environment. However, our research indicates that it appears that most pouches ended up in landfills. At this time we are packaging in PET and glass bottles which are easily recyclable in most places.

Commitment to Quality Products

Testing, testing, testing…..all the herbs and other raw materials are tested first by our suppliers who provide those results to us so that we may evaluate them for purchase. If they meet our rigorous specifications and we purchase them, they are tested again prior to production. Then all finished goods are tested to make sure they meet our finished good specifications. These tests are performed by qualified laboratories. We test for micros (bacteria, yeast and molds), heavy metals and identity (purity).

Over 35 years of Service

Arise & Shine set the cleansing trend that others are trying to follow today. For over 35 years, satisfied customers around the world have celebrated the consistent effectiveness of our Cleanse programs. Our valued customers have truly been our most effective sales force as they share their successes with friends and families. To our valued customers, we say, “Thank You for your support and patience over the past years!”

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