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What should I expect when cleansing?

Initial Cleansing Signals

You may feel weak or tired as your body signals that it has started releasing toxins in the early stages of cleansing, . You might also experience mild to moderate cleansing reactions. These may include headache, fatigue, nausea, gas, bloating or other discomforts. Drinking additional pure water, taking an electrolyte supplement or consuming vegetable broth, fresh vegetable juice, or peppermint tea often eliminates these symptoms. A bentonite and psyllium shake can also help.

General Feelings during Cleansing

Once in the swing of things, people feel great! A feeling of lightness, expansiveness, joy, enthusiasm and increasing energy is very common. You may also find the overwhelming desire to clean your house, closets and drawers. It is interesting that as you cleanse within, you may also feel the urge to clean your surroundings and personal spaces. Occasionally, an old, dark emotion can come to the surface as toxins are released; they generally pass fairly quickly, leaving you feeling uplifted.

Release of Mucoid Plaque

Cleanse 28® and Cleanse 14™ have been specially formulated to assist your body in the natural removal of harmful toxic buildup and mucoid plaque. It has been rare for us to have someone report they did not eliminate any plaque while cleansing with Arise & Shine products. These are usually people who are generally healthier than average yet they, too, testify to the benefits of cleansing. The average person releases pounds of toxic mucoid plaque while cleansing; it’s not unusual to release 25 to 50 feet during the 7-day Master Phase. Along with this removal of toxic mucoid plaque, “toxic” feelings and emotions often disappear.

Expect to feel Refreshed and Renewed

Following a well thought-out and thorough cleansing program should never leave you feeling hungry or bad. If you start to feel bad, slow down and back off a bit. The most important thing to do before starting your Cleanse is to make sure you have adequate electrolyte reserves. See the Cleanse Guide section on pH and electrolyte reserves if you have questions. Overall, we expect that you will find yourself feeling refreshed and renewed during and after cleansing as directed.

Always read the directions thoroughly and if you have questions call our Cleanse Support Line at 360-841-7106, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays, except holidays, Pacific Standard Time. We will be very happy to answer your Cleanse-related questions.

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