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What can I eat while cleansing with Arise & Shine?

Health-enhancing, natural, pure fresh food (primarily vegetables) and water are the best partners for an optimal Cleanse. While the recommended foods may be very different from your current diet, it is exceedingly important that you consume these foods while cleansing for the most beneficial results.

Your body functions at its ideal when your eating habits predominately consist of what is defined as alkaline-forming foods as opposed to acid-forming foods. Alkaline-forming foods are those that leave an alkaline ash when metabolized, contributing to the body’s mineral reserves. Acid-forming foods dramatically slow down the cleansing process, yielding lessened results. Raw alkaline-forming foods are recommended because of their high enzyme and electrolyte mineral content.

Cleansing is more comfortable for those who feed their bodies with the adequate and proper nutrients. Transitioning from a typical high protein, Western diet of cooked and processed foods to a largely raw vegetarian diet can be a difficult adjustment, so it is important to take small steps instead of jumping right in. You may wish to start by eating more steamed or baked vegetables.

The Best Foods to Eat
(always organically grown)
Alkaline Forming:
All fresh fruits
All fresh salad greens and sprouts
All vegetables (raw or cooked)
Apple cider vinegar (raw)
Balsamic Vinegar (non-pasteurized)
Fresh berries
Fresh or dried seasoning herbs
Fresh raw fruit juice
Fresh raw vegetable juice
Goat whey* (raw)
Green foods (spirulina, chlorella)
Herbal Teas (caffeine free)
Honey (raw)      Hummus
Lemons                  Lentils
Melons – organically grown
Raw Oils: avocado, coconut, flaxseed,
grapeseed, olive, safflower, saffron, and sunflower
Sauerkraut (unsalted)
Sea vegetables (well rinsed)
Vegetable broth
Vegetable soups
Wheat grass juice
MELONS AND CITRUS have a high, naturally occurring water and sugar content. They are quickly digested and may begin to ferment as they move through the digestive system. It is recommended to either eat them alone, or with other fruit from the same family.

Avocados, coconuts, olive and flaxseed oils all contain adequate amounts of essential fatty acids. Avoid foods cooked in oil, or fried foods while cleansing.

The Moderate: Eat foods from this group no more than 3 times per week as they can significantly slow the cleansing process. If you experience cleansing reactions, you may wish to consume more of these foods, or if you wish to speed up the cleansing process (not recommended for inexperienced cleansers), we recommend eating less of these foods.

Almonds, hemp hearts, flax, pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds, soaked*
Coconut butter (raw whole coconut puree)
Corn on the cob, fresh*
Lima beans*
Maple syrup

PROTEINS AND FATS: Protein can be found in all foods except oil, including fruits and vegetables, particularly squash, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, deep greens, soaked nuts and sprouts. By eating a variety of foods, it is easy to consume the needed 20-30 grams of protein per day.

Transitioning from cooked foods to more raw can be a difficult adjustment, so it is important to take small steps instead of just jumping right into it. You may wish to start by eating more steamed or baked vegetables. A Digestive Enzyme Supplement may also be helpful in assisting with the breakdown of cellulose from raw foods while transitioning your diet. Raw soups are also a great way to incorporate delicious and easily digested raw meals.

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