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Should I Cleanse and why?

Cleansing is like hitting the refresh button. It gives the body an opportunity to flush out excess waste products that have built up over time.

Living in cities, working in confined spaces, driving, processed foods, soft drinks, alcohol and caffeinated beverages coupled with not drinking enough pure fresh water can overwork and slow down the body’s eliminative system.

These factors may cause our bodies to become acidic, polluted and congested. We also run the risk of weakening our digestive system.  Because the intestinal tract is the hub of the entire body; every cell, tissue and organ is dependent upon it.  When digestion is off, even good food can produce unhealthy reactions. When elimination is off we simply do not feel our best.

The intestine tract protects itself from acids and toxins when the goblet cells of the intestines produce mucins which then coagulate into a substance known as “mucoid plaque”. This mucoid plaque can in turn compromise digestion. It may also interfere with normal bowel function, nutrient assimilation and regular elimination.

If you are striving for better health and a more natural way of life we believe the first step and most important step is to remove this “mucoid plaque” through cleansing.

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