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Now that I’ve Cleansed, what’s next?

Congratulate yourself for a super accomplishment along the road to better health! We recommend cleansing several times a year. We have found that a full, 28-day Cleanse once or twice a year coupled with one or two 14-day Cleanses keeps one feeling light, bright and vibrantly healthy year-round.

We also recommend working towards maintaining a more alkaline-forming and raw food diet. We do not, however, recommend a total raw food diet unless you live in the tropics and have access to high quality coconut, avocados and an abundance of organically grown fruit and vegetables. Many of us at Arise & Shine believe that vegetarian is the optimal diet. We strongly recommend eating soaked seeds, lots of dark leafy greens, a variety of other vegetables, fruit and quality fats such as that from coconut and avocado for optimal health. Organic eggs and other organic dairy products are another option available to provide the fats your body needs to function properly. If you must consume meat we recommend only organic grass feed meats in moderation with lots of vegetables.

Arise & Shine is just initiating a healthy lifestyle resource center starting with a variety of recipes suitable for cleansers. Please check our Resource Center often and offer suggestions regarding what you would like to see and learn about by emailing your comments to info@ariseandshine.com.

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