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Cleanse Journal – Days 7 and 8

Day 7 – October 25, 2019

Not sure how I managed to stay on schedule today I’ve had way too much necessary activity. My mouth tastes fine and I feel really good although less energetic than yesterday. I had vegetable broth shortly after my first herb set this morning, a glass of apple lemon juice early afternoon and some steamed kale with olive oil, raw apple cider vinegar and cayenne at dinner time. Tomorrow is my first day of the Master Phase. I am going to have juices twice daily because I can’t take time off from work and need the nutrients. I had a far less demanding work schedule my first few years of cleansing and I can see I really needed it then. I had some pretty rough days during the Master Phase in those early days even though I consumed lots of fresh juice my first 2 or 3 cleanses.

Still no mucoid plaque, when I felt so lousy the morning of day 4, I thought maybe. This is not unusual for me or other multi-time cleansers over many years, especially those with very clean diets like mine. Rich has also told me he hasn’t released any plaque in many, many years. I released a very small piece during my last cleanse about 6 months ago.

Day 8 and 1st day of the Master Phase – October 26, 2019

I am having a terrible time staying schedule today. It started when I went back to sleep realizing it was Saturday while forgetting I wanted have an early shake. Then, I went to the food coop and was late with my 2nd shake even though I had it in the car with me. Can you tell I am a bit spacey today? I think I can still fit everything in but I seriously have to stay on schedule the rest of the day. I had broth this morning and then juiced a couple fresh picked apples (from my yard) with a ¼ of a lemon, peel and all. That was very satisfying. This evening I will juice together beet greens, carrot, celery and cucumber.

One thing that I want to add in closing here is that many of us have observed is that we experience less dramatic bowel movements with the calcium bentonite than with the sodium bentonite (the old bentonite). Sodium bentonite swells about 40 times its volume which it about 4 times greater than calcium bentonite. It was because of the swelling (which is also why it is used to cap wells) coupled with the fact it didn’t easily dissolve in water that we sold it only in a hydrated form. We were concerned that someone might fail to thoroughly mix it and that dry lumps of bentonite might end up in his or hers intestines drawing in moisture causing a blockage as it swelled. Regardless, I really like the new bentonite and I feel great.

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