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Cleanse Journal – Days 5 and 6

Day 5 – October 23, 2019

Another busy day and I missed posting yesterday. I somehow managed to stay on my Cleanse schedule really well and met a very important deadline (I like to call them flow points). I delivered that package of documents to the Post Office along with Arise & Shine’s daily orders just in time for everything to go out. Nathan, who usually packs and ships orders, was out for the second day of a Search & Rescue Mission. So, I am filling in for him in the warehouse. I felt really good all day! I had a salad for my one meal which was dinner, some fresh apple/lemon juice mid-day and as always when cleansing I had vegetable broth in the morning.

Day 6 – October 24, 2019

I am highly energized and my mind is much clearer today. My mouth tastes terrible, which is a common sign of cleansing for me. It is not nearly as bad as my second cleanse (around Thanksgiving 1989) when I had an awful metallic taste in my mouth and the coating on my tongue turned black. It was nasty. When I got quiet and tuned into it I would see the aluminum coffee pot (one of those percolator type coffee makers from the 50’s and 60’s) that I had used for boiling tea water for many years. Was it aluminum releasing? I will never know for sure what it was, but I am glad it is gone. I extended the Master Phase of that Cleanse to 9 days until my tongue cleared.

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