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Cleanse Journal – Day 1

Today is my first day of cleansing. I am jumping in with the Power Phase after 6 days of light eating of alkaline forming foods only. If this were my first or second cleanse I would have done the gentle phase for a few days. However, I could feel my body going into cleansing mode and my pH has been above 7 all week. I have done dozens of Cleanses and I can feel that I am ready. I have to confess, I forgot to do the first shake this morning. Ugh…. So, I started off my Cleanse with an herb set and shortly thereafter with some vegetable broth with a bit of seaweed.

I don’t think missing one shake at the onset is going to slow me down. It is the herbs that do the real work. I am setting my timer so that I stay schedule.

It is late afternoon and I have had 3 shakes today and 3 sets of herbs – I will have two more herb sets but I don’t have time to fit in another shake. I want to get all the herb sets in me so that they can begin to work their magic. I had a glass of fresh apples juiced with ¼ lemon (peel and all) mid afternoon – yum.

Instead of having a lunch as suggested by the sample schedule in the Cleanse Guide, I am going to eat my one meal of the day at dinner time. It will be steamed kale and cauliflower seasoned with olive oil, cayenne pepper and raw apple cider vinegar.

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