What does your company do?

A: We are an herbal products company that specializes in high quality and exceptionally effective herbal formulas. Our flagship products of over 30 years are exceptionally deep internal cleansing products that are well known for helping people transform their lives physically, emotionally and spiritually. We also offer a number of all natural products, including enzymes, Probiotics, Herbal Teas, fiber products and more.

How long have you been in business?

A: Since 1986.


Can I talk to Dr. Anderson?

A: Richard Anderson has retired to write and continue his research projects.. We hope that he will release several new books over the next few years.

Is Dr. Anderson a Medical Doctor?

A: No he is not a licensed doctor. Dr. Anderson was awarded two honorary Natural Medical degrees based upon extracurricular studies and research in medicine and contributions he made to natural healing. Two of his books are used in a naturopathic school. Some of these studies included his studies with Dr. Bernard Jensen, America’s most successful doctor; biologist Gaston Naessens whose research in pleomorphism made major contributions to natural medicine, which became a major threat to the corrupted theory’s of modern medicine; research into how we can quickly resolve harmful emotions that tend to control our physiology and create disease; and for his work in removing mucoid plaque and cleanse the body at exceptionally deep levels.


Is he still practicing?

A: No, but continues to do research, writing and teaching.



Why are there different bits of information in his book and web site?

A: Rich is always learning and writing about new things.

What form of spirituality does he foster, espouse?

A: He follows no particular religion and follows his own path. He advocates all forms of spirituality as long it helps a person to greater love. He believes that unconditional love is the most important force in the universe and only by love shall we solve all the problems of the world and grow spiritually. And, that all disease can be traced back to events associated with loveless states. He believes that every human being has within them infinite potential to achieve incredible states of being and love is the key in achieving these extraordinary states.


Can I buy, or pick up, at your store?

A: We do not have any stores, all products are sold direct online to keep prices as low as possible to you our valued customer.

I'm concerned about losing too much weight on The Cleanse.

A: Most people find that their weight stabilizes quite nicely after a cleanse. During your cleanse you can take Great Greens and Alkalizer. These two products can help prevent too much weight loss in thin people and supply you with the electrolytes.



What are Wild-Crafted Herbs?

A: Wild-crafted herbs are herbs grown and collected in their natural wild habitat. It is in these areas that herbs tend to have the greatest potency.


What are electrolytes?

A: Electrolytes are extremely special minerals; sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, lithium and phosphorus. Electrolytes are minerals that can carry an electric charge. They are essential for the life and function of every cell in our body. They also are essential for the efficient digestion of food, for transporting nutrients and waste in and out of cells, for enzyme function, building bone and all metabolic functions. Some electrolytes are life-essential in maintaining proper pH in our cells and out of our cells. Electrolytes are diminished by the consumption of acid forming foods. Because people do not eat enough fruit and vegetables they easily become electrolyte deficient. Electrolyte deficiencies are common and are associated with ill health.

What is meant by organic minerals?

A: Many doctors, including PhD’s conducting research at medical labs use the term “organic” to describe minerals that have passed through the plant kingdom and through photosynthesis, have been chelated to a protein molecule and transmuted from an the ionic bond, normal in minerals from rock, to a covalent bond. These two factors allow the body to separate minerals such as sodium and chloride, as in sodium chloride. Separating sodium from chloride allows the body to discard the chloride. Chloride is highly toxic and is what causes sodium chloride to be so toxic, caustic and threatening to those who have high blood pressure, etc. An attached protein to the mineral gives the mineral carbon and is why we can call the mineral organic. In this form the minerals is are able to become part of our cellular tissue. For more info. Please read Dr. Anderson’s paper entitled: Can Minerals Be Organic?


Can children take Arise & Shine products and do the cleanse?

A: No. Children can not use our cleanse. Our cleanse is designed for adults only!

Can I eat nuts, seeds or grains on the cleanse?

A: We provide a list of what foods are best to eat and to avoid. As a rule these foods slow the cleansing down and should be avoided. However, sometimes we need to slow the cleansing down. Please see our Cleanse Guide.


Should I still take my medication and daily supplements while I cleanse?

A: Your health care practitioner should monitor medication for your needs for medication can change during a cleanse. You may take your normal daily supplements except when on our deepest phase. If you feel that you need a nutritional boost, you may take Great Greens or Alkalizer. If you decide to take your daily supplement, it is best to avoid supplements that are protein based, that contain salt, soy, dairy or foods listed on the acid-forming foods list. It is also best to avoid probiotics that contain large amounts of lactobacillus, which is extremely acid-forming. You can however, take our Flora Grow, which contains strains natural to the human body and will not produce an acid environment.

What about working out while on the Cleanse 28 Program?

A: You can work out lightly during your cleanse. By the second week one should go to non-aerobic forms of exercise like light yoga, Tai Chi, walking or gentle swimming. Jogging, rebounding or any activity that creates sweat or a bouncing of the intestine is not recommended. Remember that when you exercise vigorously you are using electrolyte minerals that you may need for cleansing. In general, cleansing is a good time to rest and tune into your body and spirit. When you complete your cleanse you can return to your normal workout with renewed vitality. In fact, you will be amazed at how much energy you will have.


What can I use as a sweetener?

A: One of the benefits of cleansing that many people report is a decrease in their cravings for sweets. If you do want to sweeten something, organic Stevia, honey, molasses and maple syrup are all good. However, do not used any sweeteners when doing the deepest phase; the Master Phase with water only, as any sweetener during this period will significantly reduce the effectiveness of this life-changing phase .

Are Sea Salt and Braggs OK?

A: No. Sea salt is not organic and is abrasive to the intestines and can significantly interfere with the removal of mucoid plaque. Braggs, a Soy Sauce Alternative, is okay when only small amounts are used on food. It is not, however, recommended when on the deeper phase, as it can produce salt-like reactions (mild edema).


What can I use as a salt substitute?

A: A variety of sea vegetables provide a good salty flavor. Dulse, Kelp and celery seed are best. If you must have salt use Celtic sea salt or a salt that has been sun dried.

What spices can I use?

A:You can use all spices except black pepper, salt and salt products.


What snacks can I have?

A: Raw fruits and vegetables are the best choices.

When can I snack?

A: You can eat 45 to 60 minutes before or after a shake (except on the master phases)


Can I do only a week of Pre-cleanse (Mildest Phase) and then a week of the Master Phase?

A: Yes.

Are there heavy metals in the Trace Minerals supplement that I should be concerned about?

A: There are heavy metals in almost everything and this too. There are heavy metals in all the food you eat and if it’s commercially grown, then there are more. The reason is that they use arsenic and lead in pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. The question is, are heavy metals that became organic toxic? Evidence suggests they are not, but there have never been any studies on this, so we can’t say with certainty.