All orders outside of the USA and Canada must be placed by phone, or email for instructions.

At this time we do not have Canadian distributors and we are unable to accept applications at this time for customers who would like to distribute in Canada due to the strict regulations in Canada.

Please call or email the International desk for questions or order processing at ___________ or email us at:
International Sales:

Important information on Canadian online orders, Click Here

International Shipping: 

For all international shipments, please take note of the following:

  • Based on the destination country, customs charges, tariffs or import fees may be due at the time you receive your shipment. All such fees and clearance costs are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Customers are responsible for understanding their country’s customs policies and procedures with respect to importing a particular Arise and Shine product. Rules may vary per product. We post our current product labels detailing our ingredients on our web site for convenient reference. 
  • Certain countries impose restrictions, and may require special licenses or forms for the import of nutritional products. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain any appropriate documentation and to submit this with your order. If I feel there is a problem with shipping to your country I will advise you prior to accepting your order.
  • If your customs office seizes a package for any reason and returns the product to us undamaged, we will credit you the product cost for the returned, undamaged product, but we will not credit you for any shipping costs. If customs does not return the product to us, we cannot issue any product related refunds.
  • Due to the wide variance in customs laws, we are unable to guarantee delivery date.

Compliance with Health Canada: We are Health Canada approved to ship customers a maximum of 3 each individual product (for example, 3 kits).

Your International Orders are shipped via:

  •       UPS™ (delivery within 4-6 business days).  Although this is fastest delivery it is also the most expensive option available. 
  •       USPS (US Mail) (delivery 5-14 business days). Priority or Priority Express.
  •       Please call if you have special instructions regarding your shipment or need a quote.