What some cleansers have said about their cleansing experience

Following are just a few of the many testimonies we have received over the years. Some have had to be edited slightly because, by law, publishing a testimony makes it a claim for the company. We are not trained or licensed to claim to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. We simply offer you tools to feel healthier and stronger and leave the curing, preventing, treating and healing up to you and those professionals of your choice.

Note from Arise & Shine: Please be aware that cleansing is not a weight loss program, although when people reduce their intake of food, they often lose weight. Some people may need extra supplementation to maintain a healthy weight while cleansing.


"I can't thank you enough for your cleansing program and your devotion to making people healthy. I think about you and your company often, as you have been such an important part of my life. I am profoundly grateful to you. I have told so many friends about your Cleanse and I will continue to spread the word.” – C. Winnett, Berkeley, CA (July 13, 2005)


Dear Arise and Shine!!!
     Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! I did the 28 day cleanse, first timer, Jan 2011. I FEEL FANTASTIC!!!!
      I have had a pretty clean diet for the past several years, vegetarian, mostly vegan, did a few juice detoxes, and overall felt ok, didn’t have any health issues or anything, just wanted to do a deeper cleanse, and my best friend did your 28 day cleanse and had amazing results, and she introduced me to Arise and Shine.
      The cleansing process went great, I was never hungry, I had minor issues, like constipation at first, no big deal, and Patricia in Customer Care was amazing at helping out and answering questions and encouragement
  thanks Patricia!!!  I expelled lots and lots of mucoid plaque, especially in 3rd and 4th week. I poked around at it and took pictures; it was so much fun to discover it daily!!!  It was the result of my efforts! The prize!
      My skin is so clear! All my body cells are singing! My sense of smell is so acute – I can smell my bowl of apples on the kitchen table. My intestines feel clean! It might sound so weird to people, but you gotta do it to understand what I mean! I used to be smoker and still would have one here and there socially with friends, especially with alcohol. Now when I smell people smoking it’s the most disgusting odor in the world. I never want to touch a cigarette ever again in my life!! I have no desire to drink alcohol or coffee. I have no desire for foods like bread/cheese/junk food of any kind.
      I am currently in my recovery week and I feel … it’s indescribable!!! I have such amazing mental clarity!! Everything makes sense. My life, the people in it, the people around me. ..Everything is so simple. If there is any problem – the solution is immediate and so clear. It’s like a big light bulb was turned on, and everything is crystal clear. I have unlimited energy! I sleep 4-5 hours and that is plenty! I am almost bouncing off the walls!! In a 12 hour period I cleaned my entire house, organized and dejunked all my closets, all my kitchen cabinets, moved around my entire living room, furniture, etc., after I was done, I looked at my efforts and I couldn’t believe it. It’s almost like after cleaning my body, I needed to clean my life. I feel like superwoman!!! I also might sound a little crazy ;)  BUT I don’t care!! I tell everyone one about Arise & Shine, everyone should do this cleanse! Thank you Arise and shine! A million times over! Barbara, Ottawa, Canada (January 25, 2012)


"My boyfriend and I are starting our fourth Cleanse today. Ever since our first one, we decided to cleanse once a year in February, which tends to be such a dismal time of year. I used to drink tons of coffee and have meals based on sugar. I wasn't fat, but I definitely was not healthy. After the first Cleanse, I no longer desired candy, and coffee is a special treat now and then. Every time I tell someone about The Cleanse, all they can think of is a 'fast.' Those are exactly the people that could benefit from understanding the precious source of energy that vegetables and fruit are. We learned how to cook and experiment with all types of foods. It's amazing how many different vegetables and fruits there are. One of the amazing aspects is how much you realize that your senses are veiled until you get really clean. We smell everything and taste everything with such delight, as if we never tasted it before. This is a great way to get to know and like yourself and your body again. Even doing just one Cleanse can be a life-changing experience." – Holly, Los Angeles, CA (Jan. 27, 2007)


"Before I tried The Cleanse, I was heavy, tired, had no energy, low self-esteem, hot flashes and didn't want to get out of bed in the morning. But once I started, I felt more confident, had more energy, no more hot flashes or night sweats and woke up feeling refreshed! I am now 22 pounds lighter and feel great." – Marlene B., Ontario, Canada (June 21, 2006)  


“Since doing The Cleanse my stomach has disappeared and is now flat. I am absorbing so many more nutrients and am satisfied with very little food. I have no gas, a tremendous amount of energy, a great feeling of well-being and my skin looks and feels 20 years younger. Also, my eyes are crystal clear and my hair looks and feels healthier.” – Joy K., Atlanta, GA


“The 28-Day Cleanse Program has been a life changing experience for me. I’ve always been “healthy” considering I never get sick and have few aches or pains. I began the 28-Day Cleanse with the Gentle Phase. It wasn’t until my third week that I realized how toxic I really was. I experienced waves of nausea, and feeling feverish, like the flu was coming on. I began the enema regime, which I didn’t relish, but after three water enemas followed by a coffee enema, I felt much better. My partner, Richard, made vegetable broth for us daily. The Cleanse may have stirred up parasites, so he made cayenne pepper capsules of 120,000 BTU strength. One capsule killed the nausea. I repeated the cayenne pepper, (editor’s note: 120k HU cayenne is extremely hot and spicy, please use extreme caution if you choose to experiment with it. Also note that apple tends to help soothe the burning of cayenne.) vegetable broth, and enema regime daily through the Cleanse. With every bowel movement I excreted mucoid plaque, which continued for four weeks - two post-cleanse weeks. During those two post-cleanse weeks I continued to eat alkaline foods (no salt) with the exception of occasional peanut butter or walnuts. The pain from a past knee injury cleared up and I no longer experienced sensitive digestive issues, which included passing gas at the most inopportune times. I’m actually looking forward to the next 28 day cleanse, sincerely believing that I’m not entirely made up of mucoid plaque.” Barbara A., Temecula, CA (March 5, 2012)


“Before The Cleanse, I was tired, bloated, stiff in the joints and plump! Now I have more energy, am sleeping better, and no longer crave junk foods. I am a true believer and recommend your program to all my friends.” – P. Fuller, Rowland Heights, CA (June 22, 2005)  

"Before The Cleanse, I was tired and sluggish. I didn't have the energy I wanted and needed for a busy work schedule and for quality family time, but almost immediately after starting, I experienced a tremendous increase in energy and decrease in fatigue. I awoke each morning with a sense of clarity and eagerness to start the day. Now that I have completed The Cleanse, I have continued to eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables and to drink plenty of water. I would recommend your program to anyone! It's given me such a sense of well-being! Thank you!!" – Annie Z., Boston, MA (July 2, 2006)


"I first tried your 28-Day Cleanse six years ago. The results were amazing. I did not get sick for three years after that!! Last year I went through an awful ordeal of losing my child in my fifth month of pregnancy. Depression and anger overwhelmed me. I also had severe nausea for over a year after the incident. I would throw up bile each morning!! My doctors would do nothing about my nausea, except to say, 'keep trying different kinds of birth control.' I needed to get back in control of my own body and mind. I decided to take on The Cleanse again in hopes of refreshing my body and mind, but none of my friends that lived near me would take it on with me. (After my Cleanse, they all wanted to do it when they saw the results in my face, body and mind). Finally my sister also decided to take on The Cleanse with me from 3,000 miles away. (I was living in California and she in New Jersey.) Once again, my results were amazing!!! I lost 20 pounds … and my nausea went away!!! This product is the best thing you could ever do for yourself. It is the best gift I have ever given my body; my sister could not believe how good she felt. We made a pact with one another that we will cleanse at least once a year. When we are feeling down and sluggish, we also have learned to juice often. It may seem like a big commitment, but if the commitment is to feel better, this is the product to do it with! Your product is different from other body cleanses, in that it is not a quick fix. This is the real thing and it has lasting effects. Thank you so much for this unbelievable product. Please do the friends and family program also, even if they are 3,000 miles away, you can still support one another through it!" – A. Nunley, CA (Sept. 19, 2006)


"I just finished The Cleanse and what a difference! I shed a few pounds, my energy level has improved greatly and most importantly I developed better eating habits for the long term. My skin is clear and fingernails are no longer brittle. The shakes are filling and the program is gradual so I didn't even really miss food the last week of The Cleanse. I would recommend it!" – Meredith F., Bar Harbor, ME (Oct. 5, 2006)



“My package from Arise & Shine arrived and I was ready. To my surprise the pH test in the early morning revealed a low pH of orange. The reality of the situation set in. Yes, I just had had an infected root canal lower molar removed and the body was still healing the infection. Yes, I was 74 years young and had been tired for the last 2 years, but I was determined to change. The Gentle Phase was my alternative to take. I followed the instructions correctly.


Then suddenly I was finding myself feeling sad, sick, frightened and hopeless, only I had no reason to feel like that. In a flashback I was a little child left in a hospital in war torn Germany, all alone deserted. That afternoon I eliminated the first 8 inch strand of mucous rope and I felt elated. I felt energized and happy. Every day from that day forward I eliminated strands of mucous plaque, mostly in the afternoon. Then I started feeling fear at night and in the mornings. In the afternoons after eliminating I was fine. Then at night it would start up again to the point that I asked my spirit for help, tell me what is this fear? The answer came in the form of a dream; a crazy woman was wandering around my door.


I understood that my fears were driven by insane fear of bombers dropping bombs.  I understood then that I had been, all my life crippled with that fear and therefore had been insecure and felt unworthy. That understanding helped me in taking my power back. That day I passed a lot of mucous with threadworms. I kept expelling. I learned that I was not the fear. If the body through the rumbling in the bowels was giving of signals, I was now the observer. The other day I passed a 2 foot rope of mucous and felt really good about it. All in all, the Cleanse has given to me the means of extending my lifespan. I feel happier, joyful and energetic. I have a life again, and I have a future and so much richer, because I am not carrying the burdensome past around with me. I am free. I am so thankful to Dr. Anderson for making the Cleanse available and known.” Prema Winterbotham, Yelm, WA (August, 6, 2014)


 "My health was average and I ate a mostly vegetarian diet, but my energy level was so-so. I felt I needed to be more proactive in my own healthcare. The first few days were a real struggle getting used to the restricted diet, especially on the road (I'm a truck driver). The Cleanse became much easier after the first week ... I absolutely slept like a baby. If I slept eight hours, it felt like 16! I only did 3 weeks due to getting outstanding results. Now that I'm done, I have a huge increase in energy, am ten to 12 pounds lighter, look at least ten years younger, sleep excellent every night, and am now doing a 7-Day Cleanse. I tell everyone who will listen about your product." – T.M., Laurmburg, NC (Jan. 2, 2007)


"I experienced loads of benefits! Eczema I had had for six months prior to The Cleanse cleared from my right hand. Blood sugar readings were comfortably in the middle of the normal range. They had been creeping up and occasionally went beyond. My sinuses cleared. I had greater mental clarity and focus. I could do all my yoga postures more deeply and with greater ease. I had more energy and slept soundly at night." – C.Z., Morris, IL (Feb. 22, 2007)


Please remember that The Cleanse is not a weight-loss program; you may or may not gain or lose weight. Most serious cleansers find that their weight stabilizes, probably because they adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle for themselves after cleansing.