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About Whole Body Detox

Our approach to Whole Body Detoxification centers around our two powerfully potent herbal cleansing formulas, Chomper and Herbal Nutrition, which we believe make up one of the most powerful combinations on the market to cleanse the entire gastrointestinal tract; the stomach and small and large intestines.


The Herbs in this formula are so high in vitamins and minerals that it virtually includes every nutrient known. It also has exceptional amounts of organic trace minerals, all eight essential digestive enzymes, all eight essential amino acids and is exceptionally high in vitamin A, K, and D, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, iron and potassium.

Some of these herbs are very high in silica, which helps the body assimilate calcium. Rich in organic selenium, pantothenic acid, paba, copper, manganese, cobalt, iron and iodine. When taking this formula regularly you may see results in your hair and fingernails.

The herbs in this formula are known to increase energy and endurance and serve as a natural body cleanser, natural deodorizer, and body builder. It has an abundant amount of chlorophyll.

In short, it is a powerful tonic for the entire system and a major blood support that strengthens and stimulates the elimination channels (especially the skin) and promotes the elimination of excess lymph. It is also very good for the complexion, wrinkles and skin. Gives energy and endurance to the system, improves circulation and supplies the body with organic iron.

Benefits of Herbal Nutrition:

  • Herbal Nutrition is of the highest quality. It is formulated to provide exceptional essential herbal nourishment that the body needs while cleansing deeply and nutrients to support key organs.  
  • Synergistically works with Chomper, softening and breaking up accumulated waste materials in the intestines for the removal of mucoid plaque.
  • Supports the body’s natural detoxification process for overall digestive health.
  • Helps reduce cleansing reactions.
  • Helps purify the blood, liver and all other organs.

Whole Body Detox Explained

This amazing product formulated by Dr. Richard Anderson has its origins in the High Sierra Mountains. The unusual and extraordinary effects that this herbal combination provided were stumbled upon by chance during a 'wild salad' expedition into the wilderness in the 1980’s. Having become weak and very sick from drinking bad water in the Arizona mountains, Rich and his companion, White Medicine Crow, were eating very simply, dining on a selection of wild fresh herbs from one particular high mountain meadow. Rich explained: “We would take empty wooden bowls and walk into the meadow and carefully pick the herbs and put them in our bowls, take them back to camp and add olive oil and apple cider vinegar and chow down.” After 4 or 5 days eating these Wild Salads they both experienced a 'clearing out' that could only be described as extraordinary, evidenced by great lengths of rope-like mucoid plaque from the alimentary canal. Their convalescence was rapid with their overall well being improving above and beyond their previous states of health; vastly beyond any cleansing, fasting or juice fasting they had ever achieved.

"Neither of us had ever felt better. Our energy increased daily; we steadily felt better and better. My eyesight improved along with my mental abilities. Our meditation had become more profound. And along with everything else, our happiness increased. It had become obvious that we had come upon a group of herbs that had tremendous healing potential."

We believe that together, Chomper and Herbal Nutrition is one of the most powerful combinations that cleanse the entire gastrointestinal tract; the stomach and small and large intestines. Together they become a major blood purifier and support the body to cleanse. It also supports healthy blood, blood cells, heart, and circulation of both blood and lymph and extracellular fluids, heart, nerves. It greatly helps to support normal peristalsis; (A healthy person has 3 or 4 bowel movements daily. Note: We should have a bowel movement first thing in the morning and within 30 minutes after each meal). And there is even more to say, but we are not allowed to make claims or share with you the testimonies that imply claims.

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits:

Deep cleansing addresses all the primary causes of health issues to such a degree that doing it affects every branch of our lives; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in extraordinary ways. The key of course, is deep life changing (transformational) cleansing.

  • Cleansing of toxins at the cellular level is a catalyst for the release of buried emotions, which allows for an opening to higher spiritual awareness, greater peace, love, and joy.

It is typical for people on the Master Phase to recall emotional events from there past and within an hour a piece of mucoid plaque dramatically leaves their body and after completing the cleanse discover that a health issue was gone.

Science is finally beginning to explore how emotions affect our physiology. Dr. Anderson has been exploring this subject for almost 50 years and just beginning to write about. He believes that once people fully understand how emotions affect us that it will change the course of medicine and people will do everything they can to remove toxic emotions. He states that it has been shown that the darker or more negative and more intense an emotion, the greater the harmful impact upon our bodies and our minds. This is not only a scientific fact, but is so obvious that hardly anyone would deny it. Therefore, logical reflection brings us to the conclusion that the highest level of health is achieved through LOVE!

Dr. Anderson often states that toxic or negative emotions are behind all health issues and everything else in our lives; that we create our experiences from feelings and thoughts; from our perceptions and our emotions of our perceptions. More and more doctors would agree with these statements.

Neuroscientist Candace Pert, Ph.D., while doing research at the US government’s premiere biomedical research establishment, the National Institutes of Health, was able to prove that the body is really an extension of the mind. She wrote, “Mind doesn’t dominate body, it becomes body – body and mind are one.” Molecules of emotion run every system in our body. It is the emotions, I have come to see, that link mind and body. Virtually all illness, if not psychosomatic in foundation, has a definite psychosomatic component.

Dr. Anderson wrote: Quantum Physicists, neuroscientists, biologists, and some doctors have learned that emotions are the true cause of dis-ease. Our conditioned perceptions trigger our programmed emotions. When we alter our programmed reactive mechanisms, we also change the chemical and physical components of our bodies in a very short time; in many cases, almost instantly. Emotions, which are qualified patterns of emotional energy, created by ourselves, dominate and control our bodies. Emotions are stored in the unconscious (subconscious) mind; the memory storehouse of all experience and perceptions, and are the components of our personalities and egos. People tend to think of themselves as the ego or personality, but these are nothing more than a collection or conglomeration of thought forms – qualified emotional patterns.

Thus, it is the subconscious mind that we should explore to discover the TRUE CAUSE and SOLUTION of dis-ease. We also need to examine our patterns of perception, for it is how we perceive things that determine the quality and intensity of the thoughts and feelings that will become future subconscious programs and which will either haunt and hurt us or help.

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