FundaMinerals, Liquid - 32 oz.


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The most potent bio-available minerals supplement you can find. Over 74 'Plant-derived' Liquid Minerals from the original TJ Clark mine in Utah. Produced since 1926.

FundaMinerals Natural Colloidal Minerals is derived from ancient forests. It contains over 60 natural minerals and trace elements in their original colloidal form for faster assimilation and utilization by the body.  Cell energy, brain, heart, and hormonal function, pH balance, digestion and metabolic regulations are all dependant on an adequate supply of minerals. The minerals in this formula are naturally balanced to provide one of the most complete trace minerals supplements available.

Suggested intake:  Adults - one teaspoon for each 30 lbs of body weight, taken twice daily for four weeks, then reduce to once daily, or use as needed. (note: 6 teaspoons = 1 fluid ounce). Can be taken with pineapple, grape, citrus, prune or other natural juice.

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