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ARE YOU Bruised, Injured, Swollen, Sore?

People Putty™ is an external injury spray specifically designed to assist the body in maintaining the repair of occasional injured tissue (bone, flesh, or tendons), noticeably accelerating the healthy speed of recovery, especially in intermittent sports related injuries. People Putty is a unique proprietary formula of ten organically grown/wild crafted herbs in a base of organic alcohol and distilled water. This formula was created by a master herbalist with over thirty years experience and prepared consciously in harmony with the rhythms of mother earth.  

  • Users often experience immediate relief to an occasionally injured part.
  • Helps support occasional swelling and bruising.
  • Promotes healthy tissue relaxation and increased circulation.
  • Supports and maintains the body’s own healthy repair ability by supplying nutrients needed to support a healthy body.
  • Contains Allantoin, a scientifically studied cell proliferant (known to help healthy cells regenerate up to three times their normal rate).
  • People Putty can assist with random past injuries and infrequent new ones.
  • Benefits physical therapies associated with post-operative healing.
  • Easy to use and apply, smells wonderfully of lavender.

People Putty Explained

This product is made very consciously by maintaining the age-old practices which modern man has seemingly forgotten about. The ancients stayed connected to the rhythms of mother earth and knew the power of when to gather herbs and when to prepare formulas in harmony with their surroundings. People Putty is prepared during the new moon, brewed for 14 days and then promptly extracted on the full moon. This utilizes the earth’s magnetism and astrological cycles to enhance the product. This formula is prepared only in small batches to ensure quality and potency. Let’s look at some of the main ingredients:

  • COMFREY is the queen of all healing herbs. The most prominent healing agent in comfrey is ALLANTOIN, a cell proliferant. Allantoin has had scientific research done for over a hundred years to show its ability to aid the healthy cells and connective tissue. Allantoin research shows how it can disperse bruising and encourage the formation of new cells up to three times faster than normal in a healthy body.
  • WHITE OAK BARK is an astringent, an agent that causes contraction and tightening of healthy tissues.
  •  LOBELIA is traditionally known to be a muscle and nerve relaxer of healthy tissue, that helps open the meridians or channels of energy (chi) in a healthy nervous system.
  • MARSHMALLOW ROOT supports soothing for aches, sprains, damaged muscles, or tendons that can arise with an occasional injury.
  • SKULLCAP may support stress and tension reduction in nerve endings in occasional injuries.
  • SHAVEGRASS may support a healthy body with its wound healing and astringent properties and assist to strengthen healthy connective tissue. Amazingly, this herb grew to the size of trees in prehistoric times.
  • LAVENDER OIL scentis well known in aromatherapy. The instant one inhales its fragrance; the brain releases molecules which may trigger immediate relaxation and balancing in a healthy body.
  • GRAIN ALCOHOL is a carrying agent, facilitating the absorption of the herbal constituents through the skin barrier and into the bloodstream, also preserving the active ingredients in a stable form for years to come.

How is People Putty different from other products?

Many products on the market say they offer relief, warm or cold sensations, and a bunch of other claims but lack the support needed to produce healing to a healthy body. When you look to a product like People Putty, you will notice a proprietary herb blend, which is designed to be a source of super healing foods and nutrients for a healthy body to utilize. The biggest key to healing is to enhance a healthy body’s own repair blueprint. The body inherently knows how to heal itself and the original form to recreate within the damaged area. The body’s intelligence works automatically, so we don’t have to think about it.

Our job is to supply all the necessary ingredients for the body to use. People Putty was designed to assist this process and will deliver the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and healing properties directly to an occasionally injured area in a form the body can utilize immediately. Maintaining healing, including healthy nerve and tissue repair is enhanced, allowing blood flow and circulation to be increased to healthy tissues. People Putty supplies some ingredients for a healthy body to feed, nourish, cleanse and repair the occasional injured parts while supporting the healthy healing process. This is why People Putty is unique.

How to apply and use:

  • Apply 5-10 sprays and rub into the affected area. Then allow to dry a few moments before covering with clothing is the basic approach. The more one applies People Putty, the faster and more amazing the results. For recent injuries, it is wise to apply every hour for the first 3 or 4 times. Applying before bed at night is crucial, as well as morning and midday.
  • People Putty will dry and leave a noticeable coating on the skin, thereby allowing the body to continually absorb the penetrating and healing properties into a healthy body. The skin is our largest organ and actually breathes oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide. Also, scientists have proven that most nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, oils, proteins, and a vast range of healing constituents found in herbs can be assimilated into the system when applied directly to the skin. Visualizing white light and healing taking place around the injured area is recommended as well.
  • People Putty can support a healthy body to maintain the healing of occasional broken bones, damaged tendons and soft tissues. It can help maintain tissue relaxation and circulation around the occasional injury while assisting swelling,



At 82, years of multiple back and knee problems have affected my mobility. Since using People Putty, I am walking farther, climbing stairs comfortably and bending over without pain. Soon I expect to be working in the yard. 

Ann Allen, Anacortes, Washington

People Putty works on just about anything and it works fast; I have used it on bruises, scrapes, aches, and pain. I always keep it handy.”

Rich A., ND, author of Cleanse and Purify Thyself, Arise and Shine Products.

I recently took a spill on my bicycle and damaged my left shoulder and rotator cuff, tearing several ligaments. After two months of using People Putty™, I have avoided going to surgery, and I have returned to riding my bicycle and playing disc golf. My enjoyment of life would not be the same without a bottle of White Crow Botanicals People Putty™. It’s a $20,000.00 surgery, in a $20.00 bottle!  I believe in this product so much, that I have now become a distributor!”

James Anthony, Ashland, Oregon

This stuff is amazing! I twisted my ankle really bad and I think I could have easily sprained it while I was visiting Mount Shasta in August of 2013. It was magic how it healed. I just ordered a larger bottle now that I am home for my kids and family. I think I will bring this to my chiropractor to show him.”  

Alison R., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

WOW!!  People Putty is the most advanced and effective concoction for sports injuries - and all general nagging pains.  I was skeptical at first, but quickly became a HUGE supporter within 24 hrs of using it after a bicycle crash.  THIS STUFF FLAT OUT WORKS!!!  I keep a supply with me at all times, and give away bottles as gifts so others can enjoy the benefits of White Crow's pure medicine!  Thanks Joe for continuing to make this liquid gold!

B. Winston   Mt. Shasta, Ca.

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