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From Dr. Richard Anderson: Best Selling Author, Founder of Arise & Shine

Understanding the purpose behind Dr. Richard Anderson's two, key, daily support products "Alkalizer" and "ElectroLife" will change you life forever... please read on:

What Are Alkaline Minerals?

Dr. Richard Anderson's Unique Approach

Alkaline minerals is a name tagged to the electrolyte minerals that buffer acids and help bring a person’s body back to the ideal alkaline state that we must have to be healthy.

Electrolytes Explained

Alkaline deficiency or electrolyte deficiency is one of the main factors contributing toward a lack of vitality. If one is deficient in electrolytes while cleansing or fasting, then the cleansing process will be sluggish and inefficient. Cleanse 14 and Cleanse 28 kits come with pH test strips to make sure you have sufficient electrolyte reserves before cleansing.

What exactly are Electrolytes? Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, lithium, and phosphorus are the electrolytes that the body uses. Electrolytes, as opposed to trace minerals, which also must have, are key minerals that can hold an electrical charge and feed our bodies with electrical energy we must have.

Why are electrolytes so important? Electrolyte Minerals are essential for health and life of every single physical body. We can’t live for 5 seconds without them. They are used in every single chemical action and in every cell and organ. They help regulate hormones, enzymes, amino acids and the immune system. They transport nutrients into the cells and waste out of cells. They keep the cells of our bodies healthy and fully functioning. They are also essential in removing acids out of our body and maintaining precise pH. Therefore, it is critical that we always have enough electrolytes to stay healthy, but most people in America have become critically deficient in electrolytes.

What does pH mean? pH is a symbol for “potential hydrogen” and is used with a number to indicate levels of acidity or alkalinity. The more hydrogen atoms, the stronger the acid, and the lower the pH number. Anything from 0 - 7, indicates acidity; 7 to 14 is alkalinity. The pH scale is a logarithmic. This means each whole pH value below 7 is ten times more acidic than the next higher value, which in this case would be 6. 6 pH is ten times more acid that 7pH or 100 times more acid than an 8pH. The same applies for pH values above 7 and below.

How do we become depleted of electrolytes? For us to be vibrantly healthy, our blood must maintain a perfect Alkaline/Acid ratio, which is, medically speaking, 7.4 pH. This can fluctuate from 7.35 to 7. 45, but should it go below 7.35 or above 7.45, our health plummets quickly. For an example, when blood drops to 7.3, yeast begins to grow in our body. Go down to 7.25 and you may be on your way to the hospital. Should it drop to 7, coma first then death. Or, if blood pH rises to 7.8, death is likely. Long before we get to either extreme we would have numerous health problems and chronic or degenerative diseases.

We have several mechanisms that govern our pH. One is through breathing and the other is via the buffer system. Breathing removes carbon dioxide (an acid) out through the lungs. The buffer system, which requires electrolytes as electrolytes combine with the acids and reduces the acid intensity. However, when we eat too much acid-forming foods or if we become too stressed, our electrolytes can be drained from our precious reserves rather quickly. Each time an electrolyte mineral connects to an acid and brings the acid up to a safe level so that it can safely taken out of the body, we loose the mineral. The more acid we take into our body the more electrolytes are lost. Electrolyte deficiency is very common in the Western World; it’s the norm and this is one of the primary causes of so much dis-ease in our world.

How do we drain our electrolytes? There are two primary ways: 1. Eating too much acid forming foods and by stress. The big problem here is acids. Stress creates acids and acid-forming foods feeds the body with acid. The main acid-forming foods are in order of most acid: Meat, including birds and fish, soft drinks, most grains, such as bread, pasta, etc., processed food and most dairy products. For more details read Cleanse and Purify Thyself Book One.

Summary: The standard American Diet (SAD) is exceptionally acid forming. Anyone who regularly eats the SAD diet becomes electrolyte deficient. Thus it is extremely important to know we can and must replenish our electrolyte stores. It is also extremely important to know that the electrolytes we need must come from food, which is termed organic minerals and not from rocks, inorganic minerals.

Please explain organic minerals? It is true that all minerals come from rock and have no organic particles. What is commonly referred to as organic minerals, are minerals that passed through the plant kingdom and by photosynthesis transformed ionic bonds into covalent bonds, and attached the mineral to a protein molecule. The covalent bond allows our body to disassociate two minerals that had been bonded to each other; such as sodium and chloride and potassium chloride. This allows the body to remove the chloride for chloride is toxic and this can cause serious consequences in our body. Because there is no scientific term to describe this end result, doctors began to label these types of minerals as organic.

Numerous studies have shown: That in terms of physical function, there is a vast difference between or these two types of minerals. A good example was shown in a study where people with high blood pressure where given sodium chloride and immediately saw an increase in blood pressure, but after giving the same people “organic” sodium, there was an immediate decrease in blood pressure.

How can we replenish our electrolytes? Eating at least 80% alkaline-forming foods on a steady basis allows prevents electrolyte depletion. But when we are already depleted, we need to remain on a 100% alkaline forming diet. In time this diet improvement will re-build your storehouse of electrolytes. If you want to obtain your full reserve of electrolytes as quickly as possible, you can take supplemental electrolytes. The best available is our Alkalizer. ElectroLife is a close second.



One of the most potent nutritional
formulas available

It an all natural super-concentrated source, of nutritional enrichment including vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients including lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin and xanthophylls, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and has large amounts of organic electrolyte minerals designed mainly to quickly replenish your body with organic electrolyte minerals.

  • Boosts alkaline
 Reserves for health and well-being.
  • Easy and fast 
Way to be in optimal condition for cleansing.
  • Beet, Celery and carrot juice 
Are close to a hundred times more concentrated than vegetable powders.
  • Assimilated
 Easily by the body.
  • Can be used
 Regularly and in any amounts to maintain
    electrolyte balance.

Emotionally and Spiritually Beneficial For:

  • Provides mineral and vitamin replenishment.
  • Can support 
The body pre-cleanse, during and cleansing.
  • Supports digestive enhancement.
  • Supports your eyes with large amounts of carotenoids and phytonutrients.

Alkaline Booster

We never know what may happen when people take Alkalizer. We have two cases where people who had lost their ability to function effectively in society. One of them could not hold an intelligent conversation, couldn’t drive nor hold a job. The other man, a doctor, could no longer see his patients; no energy, could not think clearly, both looked haggard. After taking Alkalizer the lady found herself normal the next morning the doctor became normal in less than an hour.

If a person was electrolyte deficient and went into deep cleansing, they would not be able eliminate acids efficiently and their liver, kidneys and heart could be stressed and they would feel terrible. They would become backed up with acids and toxins because the body would not be able release them quickly and rashes and sores would not heal quickly enough. There is absolutely no need for this to happen. This is why we have people do pH testing. If they do not pass the pH test, they must alkalize before going into deep cleansing. Alkalizer is the best of the best to replenish our storehouse of electrolytes. The only other product that is similar to this is our ElectroLife. There is nothing else available.

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits:

  • Bringing balance to the body, moving from a highly acidic negative state to a positive alkaline state heightens positive emotions.
  • Cleansing of toxins at the cellular level is a catalyst for the release of buried emotions which allows for an opening to higher spiritual awareness.



America’s most deficient mineral

ElectroLife provides a readily assimilable source of organic sodium and all other organic electrolyte minerals designed for those with sugar sensitivity and help establish an ideal alkaline pH and to re-energize the body's cells. Electrolyte Minerals are essential for good health:

  • Excellent alternative 
For those with sugar sensitivity.
  • Helps rebuild our electrolyte storehouse and correct electrolyte deficiencies.
  • Highly beneficial for those embarking a deep cleanse.
  • Can support
 All phases of cleansing.
  • Can support 
Cleansing programs for candida or yeast overgrowth.
  • Easy and fast way
 To assist the acidic body to be in optimal condition for cleansing.
  • Assimilated easily by the body.
  • Can be used regularly 
To maintain electrolyte balance.
  • Provides numerous trace
minerals replenishment.
  • Supports digestive enhancement.

What can you Expect?

Any electrolyte deficiency causes health problem. Most people are unaware that they have a deficiency because the body is so adept in compensating for problems. By the time we come to notice a problem it will generally be to late to avoid the problem that developed. If we have any health issue, it is always a good idea to check your pH and if you cannot pass the test then changing your diet to an alkaline diet and taking organic electrolytes from the vegetable kingdom is a very wise move. To list all the known problems associated with electrolyte deficiency is too vast to list here. It would take many pages.

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits:

  • Bringing balance to the body, moving from a highly acidic negative state to a positive alkaline state heightens positive emotions.
  • Cleansing out toxins at the cellular level is a catalyst for the release of buried emotions which allows for an opening to higher spiritual awareness.



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