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From Dr. Richard Anderson - Founder of Arise & Shine

Cleansing is a system of deeply effective colon, small intestine and stomach cleaning that kick starts the bodies own natural detoxification abilities. Our cleansing system is not just a colon cleanse; our cleanse programs detoxify and cleanse the entire gastrointestinal tract, from the tip of the tongue to where the light shines again. And that’s just getting started; you’ll be cleansing your lymphatic system, liver and all the way into the cells. This is the most complete internal detox and cleansing system ever devised.

28 Days or 14 Days?

These 2 premier cleansing programs offer a detox regime that works for you from where you are. You can start off slow using our 14 day and ease into it. If you prefer you can dive right in and go for a 28 day deep cleansing and detoxing experience. In the 28 day cleanse you will find our master phase offers the most benefits and has literally transformed people's lives all over the world. Our 14 day cleanse, is beneficial for either those who need a 'tune up' or are not quite ready for a full month commitment. Whichever program you choose you can be certain to experience many of the benefits, depending upon your commitment, determination and depth of deep detoxification you choose to follow. Integrating other simple measures will enhance the cleansing experience. Using a combination of methods to calm the mind, simple relaxation or meditation techniques can aid in the level of healing for body, mind and spirit.

Cleanse 28: 

Cleanse 28

The Transformational Cleanse That Removes Mucoid Plaque

This is our month-long, master cleanse for an all-natural deeply powerful detoxification program that has brought about life changing benefits to people all around the world. If you are ready to truly transform your life, then this the Cleanse for you.

Physically Beneficial For:

  • Deep clearing and releasing of mucoid plaque
  • Improving cell function and strengthening of the immune system
  • Significantly increase energy
  • Reducing allergies and food sensitivities
  • Restoring equilibrium to the digestive system

Emotionally and Spiritually Beneficial For:

  • Reducing cravings and developing a new relationship with food to discover the joy in healthy eating
  • Releasing of negative emotional patterns
  • Restoring harmony and peace such as you’ve never known before
  • Dissolving stress and restoring emotional well-being, and a state of immense happiness
  • Connecting to the love and joy within, becoming aware of your Higher Self
  • Opening a doorway to awareness, greater spiritual transformation, and connection to your Higher power

Cleanse 14: 

Cleanse 14

The Transformational Cleanse That Removes Mucoid Plaque

This is our 14 day program that can be customized for those who are more experienced for a more intensive cleanse and detox over a relatively short period.

Physically Beneficial For:

  • Releasing some mucoid plaque and toxins
  • Increase in stamina
  • A better complexion and fewer blemishes

Emotionally and Spiritually Beneficial For:

  • Bringing rejuvenation, clarity, higher energy levels, and improved sense of well-being.
  • Releasing of negative emotional patterns with a heightening of spiritual connection and sense of inner peace.

Physical Benefits of Cleansing

Arise and Shine Cleanse Products are proven to break down accumulated mucoid plaque and toxic waste from the alimentary canal, liver, organs and cells. While our two cleansing formulas cleanse deeply, they also strengthen and rejuvenate the whole system and help produce the natural environment that health producing, friendly bacteria need in order to thrive.

With your commitment to your lifestyle of healthy eating of organic fruits and vegetables and drinking purified water, you are now on your way to a cleaner brighter, lighter and uplifted you.

Intestinal - Colon cleansing can also improve a variety of health conditions that are common in our society as described by Dr. Anderson in his book, Cleanse and Purify Thyself.

Life Cleansers

Cleansers Describe:

  • Significant increase in energy
  • Vitality and greater stamina
  • Reduction of food cravings
  • Reduction of allergy symptoms
  • More efficient digestion
  • Radiant complexion

Emotional & Spiritual Benefits

When we cleanse deeply we can remove many old emotional programs and patterns that do not serve us and when we do, we usually find certain health issues have vanished and our health and energy have risen to a whole new level: we find the core of our being lifted into greater happiness, love and joy. This cleansing of the emotions that takes place evokes a spiritual connection or a heightening of consciousness that cleansers describe as a truly spiritual experience or awakening. This is why the number two most common testimonial of people using our Cleanse 28 has been, since 1986, "I feel closer to God". This can be a surprising and wonderfully unexpected benefit to cleansing and purifying ourselves. This is the most significant part of doing a deep transformational cleanse.



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