Unveiled Mysteries - G.R. King


261 pages

Channeled teachings from the ascended Master Sain Germain.  Godfre Ray King founded the first "I AM" group in the 1930's At Mt. Shasta, California. Fascinating teachings for the coming new age. 1939. Religion, Theosophy, Spiritism, Ascended Masters, Brotherhood of Mount Shasta, the Seven Rays, the Kumaras, Chakras, Crystals, Master Jesus, Victory, the tall master from venus, ascended master law of the "I Am", Inca memories, buried cities of the Amazon, the Secret Valley, Venus visits the Royal Teton. 1939


This masterwork book is the Key to unlocking life and happiness. The wisdom is a free gift from God and will be the greatest treasure you could own.No exaggeration, if you are ready it will propel you to the Heavens of Love, Light and Wisdom beyond measure.....


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